New Bike and Dying Eggs!

The Saturday before Easter we do the candy and gifts so that Sunday can really be about the Savior and not have it distract too much from that. So, Saturday morning Autumn got a brand new big girl bike! She'd seen one when she went to the store with Adam a few weeks earlier and it was all she talked about. With warmer weather on the way I decided it was probably a good time to get her a bigger bike, so we decided she could have one on Easter. She picked out such a darn cute bike online and I had a lot of fun putting it together. 

She's really big into the show "Lalaloopsy". We first found it on Netflix, and then they created a show on Nickelodeon. A Lalaloopsy bike was the way to go and Nana helped add a little extra something by buying Autumn a Lalaloopsy doll to sit in the "baby carrier" on the back of the bike. Too cute right?

I had it waiting for her downstairs on Saturday morning and she was so excited. She was attached to it for weeks before we took it over to Nana's so she could have it when she's playing with the boys on their cul-de-sac. She's gotten so awesome at pedaling and riding it over the past few weeks!

After an epic meltdown at Lowes, Autumn napped for a greater part of the afternoon. Which can I ask, why on earth does Lowes carry $30 Princess and My Little Pony books at their stores at little kids' eye level??

When she woke up, we had a small easter egg hunt just for her in the front yard. Since the cousins weren't coming up for a few weeks (this is normally a big cousin tradition at Spring Break) we didn't want her to miss out. We threw a few eggs in our yard and the neighbors and she had at it.

Brody of course didn't really understand or care about Easter, but he sure has enjoyed the warmer weather and being outside. He was a good sport and lucky for him, Autumn shared her eggs. Not the candy of course, but he loved chewing on the eggs she'd discard =)

As I mentioned in my post a bit earlier, sadly Easter Sunday didn't work out as planned. When Autumn burnt her fingers, she ended up staying home with Adam. When Brody and I got home from church, all she could talk about was dying the eggs. I was looking forward to eating some deviled eggs, so it was a win-win.

Autumn has been living in pajamas and swimsuits as of late. They're all she wants to wear and getting her to the store in actual clothes can be a challenge. I'm pretty flexible though and who wouldn't want to dye eggs in their swimsuit with a crown? Below, she's snapping some pictures of the eggs with my cell phone. I have no idea where she picked that up from........

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  1. So cute!!

    Rachel has zero peddling skills, haha.