Marathon Post!

It's been so long since I've posted a traditional update or cataloged everything we're doing that I insisted Adam bring me his old laptop to me in my bed as my Macbook is at our house. Now that I've realized how loud and obnoxious the mouse and keyboard are (and have a just fed and trying to sleep baby next to me) this update may not be as long or detailed as I'd originally planned.

This past week we have gotten so much done over at our house. Last weekend Adam helped me buy the primer, paint and supplies we'd need to get things started. I'd already had the colors picked out for months so that was the easy part. $160 and 11 gallons (5 gal. primer, 5 gal. paint, 1 gal. of red) of liquids later, we were ready to go.

Well, I was.

Traditionally when it comes to painting and decorating, I prefer to work alone.

Monday was the most tedious. Laying the drop cloths on the wood, taping, cleaning the walls, moving the appliances, sweeping the baseboards and removing the cobwebs... I only ended up priming two walls this day, but at least the project had begun.

Tuesday I took an unplanned break. My photoshoot ran long into the afternoon so I put off painting until Wednesday.

I don't remember Wednesday.

Thursday I got a lot done after Autumns baby appointment. I finished priming the entire main floor. At first priming was really exciting - it's my house and I am doing whatever I want to it. However, a boring shade of white that doesn't let me feel like I'm making progress towards the end result gets really boring... I wanted to see color! You also wouldn't think painting would be so exhausting, but it is. As is climbing onto kitchen counters and bending in a way as to not hit your head on the ceiling while still being able to see above the cabinets to paint.

Friday we finally saw color! At this point "we" refers to myself and my trusty companion, Anthony. My three year old nephew. The taupe was finally going up on the walls and at long last it was starting to feel like mine.

My house.

My paint choices, my cabinets, my carpet, my furnishings, my countertops I decided on a whim to spray paint when I walked by the isle at Walmart.

Yes, you read that right.

I'd been researching countertop treatments since house #1. Granite was way out of our price range. Tile was messy. New laminate was a headache with measuring, a new sink, installation, etc. I'd seen faux granite painting and layers upon laters of polyurithaine. I'd seen an innovative kit at Home Depot - it was everything I'd been looking for! Do it yourself laminate refinishing. The only problem was that it came with a $250 price tag. Not quite what I was looking for anymore.

So, Friday comes and Anthony and I are shopping for additional supplies at Walmart when I walk past the spray paint isle. You all remember I'm an art major right? My mind starts working. Inexpensive solutions are a brewing. A can of taupe spray paint and American Stone spray later, I have faux stone countertops in my kitchen - for less than $10. You guys would not believe how good these countertops look. Once I seal the deal with the polyurithaine we will be in business. I can't wait to paint the cabinets on my island and revamp the remaining countertops!

Saturday I brought Adam over to the house on the insistance of my mother that Adam feel a "part" of the makeover of his home that I picked out, I essentially bought and was now decorating. At first I was regretting this decision as I prefer to work alone and Adam asked too many questions in the wrong order. However I've never been so appreciative of my husband for getting up on the ladder and priming the hideously blue walls and cathedral ceiling in both Autumns and the guest room.

I was able to finish 90% of the first coat of taupe in the main level on Saturday. I felt victorious!

When I walk into my house now, it feels like my house. The smell is changing, the vibe is changing, the era of the home is changing. More and more it's becoming our own. There was a definite reason that #5 was our house.

So yes, it was an exhausting week.

But, yes, I'm loving every minute of it.

Pictures to come when I am not in bed, on a laptop with noisy everything and a sleeping baby!


  1. That sounds so exciting Kelly! I can't wait till I have a home of our own again to decorate and play around with! Good luck with the rest :)

  2. I'm dying to see those countertops! I told your mom I would never be brave enough to try something like that. =)

  3. Can't wait to see pictures--or better yet, see it in real life. When's the move in date?

  4. Congrats! I'm so looking forward to seeing your countertops in the kitchen. That and everything else! I want to paint my kitchen cabinets sometime too.