Easter Morning

Yes, it seems I'm playing catch up with the blog considering Easter was about a month ago. Oh well, it's gotta get here for memories, so here we go!

Easter was the holiday that just kept giving.

Thursday: Easter Egg Hunt with Friends
Friday: Made our own Easter baskets
Saturday: Celebrated with a new bike, candy, and an easter egg hunt at home
Sunday: Dyed Easter Eggs

On Friday I decided to craft with Autumn. I remember growing up and having my own easter basket filled with that easter grass (which I now understand why my mom said it was so annoying) made out of string and a balloon. I've wanted to try it with Autumn, so we gave it a try Friday afternoon. 

Well, clearly my mom did all the work when I was little because this was messy and not nearly as fun as I thought it'd be. You take string and soak it in "Stiff", and then wrap it around the balloon. Getting the string wet, unraveling it, wrapping the balloon, while having a 3 year old help, was tough. I ultimately gave up, so my balloons didn't get covered nearly as thick as they should have. It made for pretty flimsy baskets but hey, we tried.

We let them dry all day and then you pop the balloon and pull it out of the string. I then cut a hole so I could put stuff into them, and voila. I filled them with candy and treats for the kids Friday night and Autumn woke up to them Saturday morning. They've since been thrown away and I think I'll head to Target for easter baskets next year...

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