Brody's Birthday Recap

Poor Brody's birthday was weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to editing these personal pictures (as opposed to work stuff) and editing his video. Better late than never! He had a great birthday. I once again hired my friend in the ward to make a cake. I was shooting a wedding over the weekend and it was great to have one less thing to do, and she does AMAZING work. At two years old, Brody LOVES Toy Story. I gave my friend a few ideas and she ran with it. The cake is actually a play on a Pixar short, called "Partysaurus Rex". From the Viking hat to the peace sign necklace, she NAILED IT.

I'm not big on going too crazy for little kids, but I still tried to be festive. More importantly, it was a way to help involve Autumn and she still talks about wanting to decorate for parties. She was a big helper during setup!

She also helped me do some wrapping. Just about everything was Toy Story. Adam happened to be scouring Craigslist and found a HUGE haul of Toy Story stuff. Everything was practically brand new! They had books, stuffed animals, video games, and even a Power Wheels. It is unreal how much we got for only $20! When Adam went to pick everything up, they just kept piling more and more things on. 

My little ham. He LOVES candles, and though it may be hard to tell in the video, he really did blow out  both his donut and cake candle himself! He still gets so excited anytime he hears the birthday song!

He really didn't comprehend the whole unwrapping thing, but Autumn was happy to assist. One item we did buy for him was a Buzz Lightyear pillow pet. He already has a dog, but when Adam found this on Amazon we just couldn't resist. It was a BIG hit!

A little break after present fun - cake!

Of course, our annual Birthday photo with the birthday child!

After cake Adam plugged in the Buzz Lightyear video game and gave it a test drive, naturally.

Autumn has a Power Wheels just like this, but she was very skiddish around it at this age. Not Brody. He has no problems rolling around on a pink and purple Barbie Power Wheels! He drives around like a pro and loves having his own. 

After family had left and baths were had, I looked over from my desk to see this sweet image right before we put him up into bed. His new friends within arms reach! He was absolutely exhausted from his great day!

And last but not least, his birthday recap:

Brody's Favorites at TWO

Favorite Drink: Soda, or juice
Favorite Snack: Granola bars (chocolate covered with peanut butter), BBQ chips, popcorn
Favorite Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
Favorite Dinner: Loves Macaroni and Cheese, Hot Dogs
Favorite Side Dishes: Corn, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Mashed Potatoes
Favorite Movie: Toy Story, any of them!
Favorite TV Show: Max and Ruby, Rabbid Rabbits
Favorite Toys: Any and all cars! He loves lining them up or driving them in Autumn's doll houses
Size: 2-3T
Diaper Size: 4


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