Take Your Daughter to Work Day

I titled this "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" because the new politically correct version doesn't have the same ring to it. I didn't even realize that the holiday was coming, forget the next day! Autumn came home from school and had heard about it there, and after a quick google search confirmed her sources were good, I text messaged Adam. Luckily he and his officer were on board!

Autumn left with Adam for work before 6AM, bright and early. She slept in her clothes and then Daddy did his best attempt at her hair in the morning! I packed her snacks, the iPad, her coloring supplies and everything I thought she might need to pass the time. 

After I picked Brody up from school, we headed out to Adam's office to pick Autumn up. She was all smiles when we arrived. She colored, watched some YouTube, filled up Adam's white board with her infamous doodles, and went to lunch. When I asked what else she'd done, she showed me how she had organized Adam's desk drawers - one of the suggestions I gave Adam when it came to having her help out.  

It was a fun day for her, and great for the two of them to spend some one on one time together, a rarity. She was exhausted on the way home!

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