Autumn's Easter Dress

After General Conference, Autumn was finally able to wear her Easter dress to church. Matching hair bows that I made and all! I had her model for me outside on the deck before we went. I contemplated removing all the bruises from her legs in the pictures, but I decided to keep them because that's my little girl. She's so rough and constantly into stuff that her legs are just covered in bruises from who knows what. I remember looking at a picture of myself when I was about 5, in a dress, legs crossed, and bruises everywhere...

Speaking of church, it's been hard for Autumn since January. Sunbeams and Primary has been a tough transition for her, a transition made much harder by my being the Primary President and in the room every week. She hates going to Primary and constantly tells me "I don't want to sit with my friends!" I'm not sure what her deal is. But the first 15 minutes or so of Primary is spent trying to convince her to sit with her class, in a classroom while she screams it out or dropping her off to Adam only to have her come back in about 5 minutes later, defeated. It's a struggle, but one I've seen all the past presidents go through.

Once she finally settles in with her class, she loves Primary. She loves going to class with her teacher and friends - it's just those first few minutes of having to sit down with her class. This week I had Adam come and sit with her to avoid a tantrum and that really, really helped. She was sitting down from the time Primary began. When Sharing Time was about to start, Adam slipped away and Autumn was on her own the rest of Primary. She did great! It was such a relief.

She can be so stubborn, but I was so proud of her on Sunday! Here's to hoping that as she gets older and get more used to the process, Primary won't be so hard!


  1. I used to be in Nursery when Brycen was in Nursery. It was bittersweet. I loved watching how he interacted with everyone but since I was in there, he didn't sit in his chair when he was supposed to do so, wanted to sit on my lap, held, etc. I know he was young but I also think that sometimes it works best when I'm not in the same room. P.S. I didn't know you were the Primary President!! Busy woman!

  2. Yup! When we moved here 4 years ago I was a teacher for a few months and then shortly after Autumn was born I was put in as 2nd Counselor, then 1st, and then President about a year ago. I LOVE it!!

  3. The hair bows turned out great, Kel!