Has it seriously been a month since I last updated? Here I am annoyed as all get out that no one seems to update their blog anymore and then hello, when was the last time I posted?

I guess things have just been a little crazy here. I have been trying to fit in as much work as I can before the holidays so I can properly relax. It seems like everyone was just here for Thanksgiving and we were recovering from that chaos. Plus, I've become an Instagram addict and find myself journaling through pictures over there.


I can assure you proper posts will be coming. But for now, things are well here in the Brewer household. Brody is still the happiest baby you'll ever meet and Autumn is very much a three year old with three year old tantrums. It really just elevates how amazingly clever, sweet and creative she is when she is in one of her best moods. I look forward to those moments...

We're so looking forward to Christmas this year as Autumn is old enough to appreciate the magic a little bit. So, lots more to come from us over the Holidays!

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  1. Hee hee - so am I one of the people who never update their blogs who currently annoys you so much? That's okay - I'm annoyed at myself, too. =)