Life at the moment.

It's been a while since a proper blog entry. I typically spend most entries here posting pictures for distant relatives and friends and writing day-to-day entries and thoughts in another, private online journal. Still, there is more to my life than just pictures =)

Things are going great. Brody will be 4 months old in just a few weeks. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to be a mom again, if that makes sense. It went so fast with Autumn because I was soaking so much in and such a rookie. With Brody I really have been able to slow down and just enjoy him. He's different than Autumn, but I love that - I love that he's his own little person. He's been a harder baby than Autumn was, but I think that's because he doesn't get the rest and relaxation she did as an only child. The other afternoon when Autumn was spending the day with Nana he slept in my arms for almost 4 hours. Adam asked me if he always sleeps this long, to which I quickly replied, "Um, no." Brody is the king of catnaps and that's probably because I don't have the luxury of sitting down and holding him while he sleeps all day. I'm taking care of the house, working, making dinner or keeping Autumn out of trouble. Still, he's the happiest baby. He just smiles at everyone. He really is just the sweetest. I'm so very lucky that neither of my kids have been difficult... knock on wood!

Autumn is still challenging. She's three. I know she's not the exception. I'm not a bad parent. She's just three! It's new territory and I'm learning more and more how to handle her tantrums. It's all about diversion. It seems like the tantrums are getting easier to avoid, easier to pinpoint and getting easier for me to learn how to get her out of them. We're both a work in progress! However, when she is "herself" she is the absolute sweetest, kindest, most hilarious kid. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is constantly cracking everyone around her up. The older she gets the more and more she mimics adults. The stories she tells, the mannerisms she projects... I just can't get enough of her! It really balances out the more difficult times.

Work is great. I love my job. Working from home isn't always glamorous, but to me the benefits completely outweigh the negatives. I'm so blessed to get to do what I do and still be a stay at home mom. I have amazing clients and the work just keeps coming in. I've even scaled back a lot this season. With two kids I just find it harder (and feel more guilt) leaving them to run off for a session. I also don't like to overwhelm my mom, who usually gladly watches the kids. She's never complained, but it's something I struggle with. I'm blessed that the times I do leave the kids that it's a worthwhile investment for the family, it gives me an outlet and something that's mine outside of the home. I love making my own schedule, building my brand and being in charge of everything. I've hit my stride and I'm so happy. I work with awesome people who value what I do and I can't wait for next year. It can only get better - right?

Church is keeping me busy! Just when I thought things would slow down now that the Primary Program is over, I have a lot to organize and prepare for the next year and the changes that will be made in January. Little Autumn will be a sunbeam and I will get to witness it firsthand. Can you believe it? Gracious - where does the time go...

I'm just so grateful for the things that I have. I'm thankful for a husband that takes care of me, provides for us and allows me to work doing something I love. Not only does he "allow it" but he encourages me. He's seemingly proud of the business I've made over the past few years. We have a great life - I'm where I wanted to be at this point in my life. Happy, with a home that I love and that we slowly make our own. We're incredibly happy in our marriage and have hit our stride as parents and working as a team. Ugh, I'm gushing, and I hate that. Things are good - we'll leave it at that!!

I'm looking forward to Christmas. Just the future in general. I love that every day is different with the kids getting older. I'm getting older. Still a little chubby from the baby, but that's what the future is for after all =)


  1. I feel the same in so many ways! I love happy life and enjoyed catching up on yours! :)

  2. Great post! And this is a good one to come back to when you're having a rough day. =)