Baby Brody Update

Poor, poor Brody. Or should I clarify to say poor, poor second child. Remember how I had a whole post devoted just to pivotal days in my first pregnancy - finding out I was pregnant, feeling the first movement, etc. Yeah, Brody doesn't have one of those. Baby bump pictures? Nope. I have only taken a select few and in most I am in my pajamas/ready for bed in most of them, so they've only been shared with a select few via text message.

This pregnancy has just whizzed by me! I've been too busy working (I feel like I work more now then I ever did when I worked 30+ hours) and keeping up with Autumn to stop and marvel at every kick or "new" symptom.

So, here is my attempt to play catch up on all things Brody...

This is my "I may be on my way to ginormous, but I have my sexy smoulder down pat" bump picture.
Weeks: 29

Weight Gain: I've only gained about 18 pounds so far with less than 3 months to go! Still no stretch marks *knock on wood!*

Cravings: Ice - lots and lots of ice. I've been filling cups full of crushed ice and putting something into it just so I can chew on it. Wouldn't you know, when they last drew my blood they said my iron levels were on the "low side of normal", so I need an extra iron supplement. That explains the ice and overall exhaustion lately! I'm also ALWAYS in the mood for a Slurpee. It's been my only constant craving this pregnancy.

Feeling: Brody moves around CONSTANTLY. To the point where it's annoying and uncomfortable. With Autumn I suppose it felt more like long, slow stretches, but with him it is as if he is literally using my belly as a punching bag with consistent and frequent movements. I even Googled "can babies have seizures in utero" a few days ago because these movements are just so crazy!

Symptoms: The 3rd trimester insomnia has kicked in. I'm exhausted, and I want to be a asleep, but getting to sleep and staying asleep doesn't come easily these days. My heartburn has started much earlier this time around, but it's nothing a few Tums can't help me with!

Autumn still doesn't have a real clear understanding of what is happening. If I ask "What's in momma's tummy?" she doesn't really respond, but if asked, "Where's momma's baby?" she will point to my stomach. We talk about Brody and baby brother occasionally, but she still isn't interested.

August 7th, here I come!

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  1. Yes, I've missed the bump posts! He'll be here before you know it and maybe you'll share a birthday :)