Dad's Models

Anyone who knows my Dad knows that he is an avid collector of model airplanes. Such a collector in fact that I recently found out he is going to miss the birth of my unborn child to attend the annual model convention, which is being held this year in Walt Disney World. My sister has decided to join him, so despite being able to receive guests this time around in the hospital, it doesn't look like I'll have any! I already told him as punishment for such careless planning he will not receive any pictures of Autumn while he is away =)

While many know my Dad is a retired Air Force Colonel, they may not know he served in the USAF Thunderbirds. Our entire basement is a shrine to his past achievements and Thunderbird memorabilia, as well as a collection of his model airplanes, glue (yes, glue), marbles, bottlecaps, etc. I took pictures a few weeks ago to show just how crazy these collections are, and decided to share them for those who don't get to visit the Mattingley cave...

 As you enter the basement, you're greeted with walls covered in old magazine art and illustrations of airplanes and military stuff.

All of my Dad's medals, plus a flag he was given by... I want to say a Senator?

My Dad's Marble collection. These are NOT for playing. He's got all types of marbles, marble machines, bags, shooters, etc.

This is my Dad's collection of bottle caps and... glue. Yes, glue. I'm not sure what the significance is. Perhaps old model airplane craft glue? Either way, his collection is pretty expansive.

One of his old pieces of Thunderbirds memorabilia.

A close up of the image inside the frame - my Dad is the top row (of 3), far left. He was #9, "The Executive".

More plaques and awards. My Dad is kind of a big deal. =)

And now, the model collection. When I tell people my Dad collects model airplanes, they thing I mean maybe 10-20 little airplanes on stands, possibly strewn about a bookcase as a decorative item. Um, no. First of all, the thing you need to know is that once a model airplane has been removed from the box, plucked out of the little plastic and pieced together it is essentially worthless. These are all still in the boxes, with directions, all of the pieces, ready to be put together.

His entire collection is carefully inventoried with brand, type, price, worth, etc. etc. etc. Having accompanied him to a model convention in the past, I know this kind of collection is not out of the ordinary for any standard model airplane collector. To the "rest of us however", you just take one step into this room in the basement and are rendered speechless - and thus render my Dad a proud man.

The view when you first enter. Even the freezer is not immune to being considered storage space.

Turn your head to the right and you'll find the first aisle covered on both sides with models.

Walk forward from the doorway and you'll find the second aisle. This is NOT a different view of the image above - this is an entirely different row of models.

When he ran out of space for more shelves, he started working from the ceiling down.

This is the far back corner - one side - of the room.

And the far wall located next to the freezer.

Now that my mom is probably sufficiently mortified I have shared this room and his "obsession" with the world, I will consider this post finished =)

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  1. That is insanely impressive. I'm speechless. Go your Mom for letting him have such an obsession :)