Anniversary Dinner

This past Monday night Adam and I went out to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. Autumn was sleeping over at Nana's with "the boys", so we had the night to ourselves with no need to rush home to relieve a babysitter. My mom came to pick her up around 3:45, so I had the whole afternoon to myself (she also said this was a bit of a mother's day present).

So, what did I do? Clean, organize, paint, something productive? Nope. I laid on the couch and caught up on the DVR and even took a NAP. A nap! It was lovely - and much needed!

Once my hot date got home from work, we headed out for the evening. We decided on Red Lobster for dinner and because Adam got home late, we bumped up our regular showing of The Avengers to the 3D Avengers =)

Of course at Red Lobster, I get the steak... I like seafood, but I was craving some good 'ol red meat and knew I wanted to save room for Popcorn! It was very delicious and the salad, biscuits and potatoes were brilliant, as always. At dinner we talked a lot about work, the baby, and of course, Autumn. I know some couples try to get away from talking about "the kids" when they go out, but it seemed only fitting to talk about our greatest accomplishment at an anniversary dinner!

I was really excited for the movie because we A) don't go to the movies often B) I've never seen a 3D movie, unless you count the Smithsonian and theme parks and C) I love me some movie popcorn. We took our seats and the movie started! I got up about halfway through for a necessary pregnant lady break and to buy my popcorn. We belong to the "Stubs" rewards thing for our theater, so I got a big upgrade on my concessions. I went straight to the butter station and went nuts. Shook it around, went nuts again. I mean, the butter is the best part.

I turn around and there are these 3 ladies just gaping at me with their mouths wide open, in shock, presumably at the amount of butter I attempted to fit into one bag of popcorn. I wanted to say, "THAT'S RIGHT!" but instead I walked back to my theater, laughed out loud (literally) and rejoined Adam.

So - to review: dinner was great, I thought the movie was too long and I much preferred Iron Man and even Thor, the 3D was disappointing (the depth was neat, but I was expecting stuff to be flying at me), the popcorn was heavenly and lasted 2 days later, and I had a great celebration with my sweetie.

When we got home I missed Autumn terribly - even though she would have just been sleeping when we got home, it felt odd to not have her in the house. She had a blast at Nana's and with the boys, so overall the night was a great success.

Onto next year! =)

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  1. Let them gape - movie theater butter is a wonderful thing. =)