Hair 101

I have been doing my hair for as long as I can remember. You all remember my hair post a few weeks ago, right? I have been coloring and cutting my own hair since high school, even middle school. It was a way to save money and satisfy my constant need for change. In college I cut hair for friends for extra spending money. Over the past 2 years however I have really built up "Kelli's Salon".

That is all thanks to my best friend Stacy. Having a best friend who is also an amazing cosmetologist has it's benefits! I met Stacy when she was dating a mutual friend of Adam and I. They later married, and their wedding was the first I ever shot professionally. It is probably because of Stacy that I went forward with my photography business as it is now!

After having Stacy do my hair and moving back east, I just couldn't stomach the high price of salon color and highlights and I didn't love the results of in-the-box-at-home-treatments. I eventually started using more professional color, product, and switched out the "mascara wand" highlights for foils and bleach. I'd always loved doing hair and was quick to figure out pro tips and tricks, but with Stacy's help that went into overdrive.

Now, I can attribute everything I know to her, trial and error, and You Tube! Lately however, my highlighting was frustrating me. When I did my own hair a few weeks ago, it wasn't quite blond enough and I couldn't see the "strands" of blond. So, I did my highlights again thinking I needed to take thicker sections. That did the trick. But, when working on my friends hair, I still wasn't seeing the "strands" and locks of color.

After research, talking with Stacy (she always lets me pick her brain and I run a lot by her!), staring at strangers highlights and hair coloring trying to figure it out, I think I have it! I'd been "over blending" my highlights. Too many, too close together. I was getting really pretty color results, but I wanted more definition in the strands of highlights. I decided I needed to both take thicker sections and space my foils further apart. In this case, less really was more in order to let the 2 colors work together.

I put this into play today when I colored my mom's hair for her. She'd finally let me do highlights, and it was time for a touch up. I took wider sections, further apart. I was so in love with the results! It was probably the most accurate and defined highlights I have done to date. The best part was that it took half the time and half the foils! Highlighting is always a process, but I was making it way harder on myself. Lesson learned!

I now can't wait to touch up my highlights and put this into play on friends who are still willing to let me touch their hair =) I'm not the most fancy - we do it in the kitchen, sometimes the kitchen sink - but I love doing it and helping friends save money! Who doesn't love having their hair played with? =)

The best part is that when my mom went home and got out of her car a neighbor spotted her and told her that she "liked her hair". I guess that spells out a job well done!


  1. I'm next!!! about next week?!

  2. I love friends, especially one that will do my hair :)

  3. Okay, that was actually me, not Alyssa. I don't think she's quite ready... =)

  4. @ Karen - I figured! =)

    @ Jenny - I am sure we can squeeze in some time next week!

    @ Trina - Always open for business! =)

  5. You're so talented Kelli! Is there anything you CAN'T do? I love your mom's hair straight like that! I don't think I've ever seen it that way.