Goodbye old Friend

1990 - 2011

We lost a member of the family on Saturday. Our faithful, trusty, full equipped Dodge Van was sold. It wasn't being driven (for a good 10 years now or so) and was taking up space in my parents driveway. It only had a little over 100k miles on it and drove great. It was selfish to keep her just for sentimental value...

I have many great memories in this van. Cross country drives. I remember watching a movie on the TV, turning on the "cinema" lights at night... Ski-trips... laying the seat down in the back into a bed so we could sleep on the way up to Seven Springs in PA. Youth temple trips. Nights out with friends before I had my license. The 4 hour drive to the beach with the family. 

It was a sad day Saturday when my Dad signed the title over to the new buyers. We all had a moment of silence after she was gone... before my parents starting splitting up the money and talking about how they were going to spend it.


  1. So sad! At least the driver/car ratio of the Mattingley driveway has now improved slightly. =)

  2. My favorite van memory is taking it to see the fireworks on the Potomac. It was great for watching movies for the hours it took to get out of the Pentagon afterwards! :)

  3. Agh!! My neighbor had one JUST like that (it was brown) and just got rid of it this week!!!