Why do my cookies suck?

That's right. You heard me. They suck. They don't stink - they SUCK. Look at those cookies below. Thick, chewy, chunky... I love a good cookie that is sweet, stays soft for days and when you bite into it the center is almost raw it is so chewy and delicious...

And then there's my cookie. 

My sad, little cookie.

Look at how sad it is!

Children will cry at the sight of my cookies. They taste "just okay". I wouldn't go back for seconds if these were on a plate at a party. They're not chewy. They're not sweet. These are the original Nestle Tollhouse Cookies. I followed the recipe exactly. I separated my flour from the butter/sugar - for some reason that is important. I didn't "overmix" it. I stirred in the chips by hand.

What am I doing wrong? Why are my cookies so sad? I try every "best cookie recipe EVER!" and I still get these sad cookies. I need to know what the deal is or a fail-proof recipe for chunky, chewy, delicious cookies.

I'd hate for Autumn to soon realize her beloved Cookie Monster wouldn't want to thing to do with me...


  1. Okay, so I think I can help. I may not be good at lots of things, but I can produce a pretty good chocolate chip cookie. Happy to share my recipe and/or provide a cookie-making demo the next time you're down. =) In the meantime, I swear by the butter Crisco sticks (instead of separate butter and shortening), and I use two kinds of chocolate chips (semi-sweet and milk chocolate). Good luck!

  2. Oh yeah - your traffic feed suddenly started showing me as "Concord" instead of "Charlotte." Weird.

  3. Looks like maybe not enough flour, or your butter was too soft/melty? I usually end up adding more flour than the recipe calls for. I've never tried the Tollhouse recipe though. Good luck with your cookies. I always fail at cakes!

  4. Was your butter melted vs. softened? I was always told that is what makes them flat. I actually like them flat and couldn't get them to turn out that way! :)

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog from Better After. Loving to look at your home renovations. As for the cookies... Here is what I do and I love my cookies, they stay plump and moist! Use the same Nestle recipe. Make sure your butter isn't too soft (not melting at all), don't overmix starting from the butter stage, add a small package of vanilla instant pudding in with the wet ingredients. You may want to lessen the flour just slightly (by table spoons). Bake for 9-11 minutes, pulling out before they really look done. You'll have to leave them on the sheet for a few minutes to set up before you can move them. A friend taught me this in High School, all my friends add the special ingredient and love our cookies. Also, if you want to make chocolate cookies just add chocolate pudding and 1/4 c. cocoa powder... YUMMY. I really hope that helps because good cookies are a must :)