Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Everyday is a growing list of personality traits, funny stories, and memories I want to remember to capture in these letters to you. You're now 18 months old and quickly transitioning into a toddler and leaving your baby steps behind. I'm still waiting for my lucky streak to end and my perfect child to suddenly disappear - but so far so good. You change so quickly just from day to day, learning new words, new actions, new grown up mannerisms that I can't keep up - you'll have to excuse me because there is simply no way I can scribe your cuteness and each epic moment in these letters.

  • You love toothpaste. Each night your Dad and I have to track down our tube of toothpaste. 
  • Your love and passion for dance is entertaining, sweet and so fun to watch. When you hear music, you just have to get down and shake your stuff. Whether you are naked in the tub and no music to be heard or rocking out in the car to Mom's Britney Spears album. 
  • Now that you're older, you've gotten more cuddly. To snuggling on the couch at night before bed, wanting to be carried down the steps in the morning while you rest your head on my shoulder and cradle my neck, or learning how to kiss Mommy. All I've ever wanted as a mom was for my child to run into my arms and give me a big hug and a big smile - and you give me that everyday. 
  • You're finally finding your voice. "Hi", "Bye", "No", "Wooo oohhh", "Yah", "Mama". You still sign drink, more, all done.
  • Each night I prepare a small water bottle for you to keep in your bed should you get thristy in the night. One evening I grabbed the bottle and you rushed out of the room, and into your bathroom, signing "Drink". You knew where I was going, why I was going there and what it meant. Your comprehension and genius always has me excited and proud.
  • I love spending time together. I genuinely enjoy our days at home and how funny you are - the things you "say", the things you do and how smart you're becoming. Even when you make a mess or throw a fit, that smile or giggle - and again, running into my arms for a hug - make it all worth it. 
  • You LOVE your cousins. 
  • You may not have all your words yet, but you have a masterful pointer finger.
  • You barely weigh 22 pounds. You are my skinny girl.
  • I am still so blessed to have a girl that loves her sleep - you're in bed by 7:30 and sleep through the night until 8:30, sometimes later. I taught you well. 
  • I still love the special bond you have with your grandpa. When he was out of town I found you outside in the garage, trying to open one of his toolboxes. It wasn't until I realized that is where grandpa keeps his corn for the squirrels - a job you two do together. You love getting the corn, walking to the backyard and changing the cob on the tree.
  • You LOVE the park. You are right there with the boys and the big kids. You have no fear, especially at the park. You can also swing like a big girl in the "normal" swings and just this week I taught you how to ride on your belly and you've mastered the trick on Nana's swingset.
  • You still cry whenever we come in from outside. You just love being outdoors. I can't wait to take you on your first camping trip with Grandpa. 
  • Now that you're 18 months, you've officially been welcomed into the Nursery at church! For weeks we've been feeling it out (it helps your Nana is in there) but you've wowed everyone with your sweet personality and love for cars. With your little bloomers in the air you push around those big cars, making sound effects on your way.
  • It is painful to watch just how high on your tippy toes you can get. Perhaps ballet is in your future.
  • You still will eat any and everything. There is nothing you won't eat and don't like. 
  • You've recently become shy and more aware of people watching you. In a crowded room when you're unsure or shy, you put your head down, have your hands at your waist and twiddle your fingers until you either cry or look for a familiar leg to cling onto. It is absolutely adorable. 
  • If a car door is open, you run to it. Exploring everything a car or van has to offer has your name written all over it.
  • Play with Me Sesame is still  your favorite show. 
  • When I go into your room to get you our of your bed for the day, you insist on handing me all of your friends (Ernie, Big Bird, and your Pig) before exiting the crib. 
  • You are a girl of routine - you know that when I grab your shoes and it's time to go, you either plop yourself down onto the floor or crawl into my folded legs to have me assist in putting your shoes on. 
  • Speaking of shoes, you LOVE 'EM. Instead of guiding the shoe onto your foot, you manhandle your foot into the shoe. My shoe, your shoe, Dad's shoe - if it can go on a foot, you will wear it.
I am so grateful that you are all mine. I can't believe how smart you are, how charming you are and just how soft and sweet your little voice and budding personality is becoming. I knew I wanted to be a mom, but I didn't realize just how much I would love it. Sure, you're not perfect (but pretty dang close) but even in the times where you try my patience or I just don't know what to do anymore in the end all I want to do is hug and kiss my sweet mini-me.

I love you. As I type that, all I can think about is kissing those big, soft cheeks of yours. =)


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  1. sweet! Your post and her! =) Love her ensemble in the picture, too. =)