Sesame Street Live!

Last night I was looking at all the many theaters here in D.C. for shows Adam and I might like to go see as a big night out. Les Miz isn't coming, I have very little interest in the story line of Wicked, and I don't think I'm quite "hippy" enough to see Rock of Ages. Then I had an idea - Sesame Street Live! I found out the show would be coming to the Patriot Center (only 13 miles from my house at George Mason University) in December. How much would Autumn LOVE to see a real, live, ERNIE!

I logged on to see how much tickets were and when I saw just how awesome of seats I could get and for a great deal, I couldn't help it - I BOUGHT THEM. I just hope she still likes Sesame Street in December. =) I was able to get the first row of the first section closest to the stage to the side. I was worried being on the floor would be too hard for her to see with people in front of her, so this should be perfect! I bought 3 tickets for our little family and it was only $100 after taxes and fees. Well worth it! I can't wait! I almost wanted to wake Autumn up last night (at midnight...) and tell her because I was so excited! HA!

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  1. That IS a great deal on those tickets! I bet you'll have just as much fun as Autumn. =) I remember how excited I was to take Jordan to a "Day Out with Thomas" years ago.