Baby Teeth Question

A few weeks ago at the park Autumn tripped on the equipment and fell face first into the blue, metal bar holding up the walkway. In the process she must have hit her tooth in addition to her head. It isn't graying or dead - but she has BLUE paint or something stuck in the enamel! Is there anything I can do to remove it? I've tried scrubbing it with a toothbrush, but nothing. Any ideas? Is she stuck with this blue accessory until she looses the tooth?


  1. How strange! Maybe a pediatric dentist would know...maybe they can polish/buff it out?

  2. I work for a dentist and he said that they could buff it off. But will she let someone touch it with a spinning drill? Prob not, so a Pedi Dentist would be best. They can also give her happy juice so she wont care.
    Or she could just let it wear off.
    Vicki R

  3. Don't know what your dental coverage is like, but we only get 80% coverage for a pediatric dentist versus 100% for a "regular" dentist. Might have to decide how much you're willing to spend on the blue paint removal. =)

    Or what about some kind of electric toothbrush? Wonder if that would have a little bit more buffing power? =)

  4. I am guessing that it will come off eventually with just brushing. Maybe let it go a month or two before dong the dentist thing.