Thanksgiving 2015

I always look forward to Thanksgiving because it's only the second time during the year my family is altogether. The beach tops the list, but Thanksgiving brings us together over food which as you may or may not know, I rather enjoy consuming. While we missed Jared and Monique's family this year, we had a wonderful day and meal supplied by Joel and Chelsey's family. Chelsey always outdoes herself with turkeys cooked two ways, salads, starches, casseroles... 

Jason, or "President Mattingley" since joining the Stake Presidency, carving up the first turkey and the mac and cheese just waiting to be devoured.

Joel carving up the other turkey just before the blessing on the food - which we all then ravaged.

Rolls for dayssssss.

Chelsey's homemade stuffing. Certainly puts my Stove Top to shame just looking at it.

Cousins are always the best - they help keep extra tabs on little ones, and help keep them occupied while the adults do adult things. In my case, that was making the punch for dinner! 

You know your family knows and loves you when they slide you a piece of skin before dinner and before it gets lost in the carving!

The 3 youngest grandkids checking out Joel's theater room!

Autumn brought along her Santa hat for whatever reason. Luke managed to find one of his own, and these two were twinning it up most of the day. 

We gave Pumpkn' Chunkn' a try this year. It didn't really work so hot, but Brody and Adam gave it a shot! Autumn was pretty excited that her small pumpkin chunked the farthest!

This year I tried my hand at a brownie cheesecake. It was delicious! I would definitely make it again. When I left that evening there was only one slice left!

So many desserts to choose from. One plate and one helping is never enough! 

The kids were sad to leave and say goodbye to their Leesburg cousins, but they quickly fell asleep on the way home. A sign of a successful day!

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