Brody's First Steps

Five days after his cast was removed, Brody took his first steps:

After the cast was removed, we were told that Brody would be in a lot of pain. Joints and muscles that hadn't been moved for a long time were bound to be sore and weak. On Day 1, his mobility didn't change much. He was resistant to crawling, even scooting. Still, he tested the waters with bending over and really stretching out his legs when grabbing. Eventually as the days progressed, he worked up to scooting, and eventually to walking while holding onto my hands, just like a baby would. 

He worked his way up to pushing the shopping cart outside, walking slowly and wobbly, but walking! Unfortunately, when the cast was removed, there was some sort of a rash growing under neath it. It eventually began to spread, and it was itchy as all get out. When we took Brody to urgent care to get a steroid to finally offer him some relief, he took his first steps five days after his cast was removed.

I was so excited, I just kept saying, "Look at you! You're walkin'!" to which Brody often and still does imitate. "Look at me! I walkin'!"

We're now just a little over a month out from having the cast removed, and Brody is just about back to his normal self. He is still skin and bones, but he's putting more and more muscle mass back into his legs. He's still a little wobbly, and I hold my breath every time he tries to run. He is a little pigeon toed, but I remember the doctor telling us this was all normal. We're all set for an appointment this week to check in and make sure he's fully recovered, and what else we can do to help him get back to full mobility!

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