Autumn's Last Day of Preschool

This morning, Autumn went to her last regular day of preschool! It's amazing how much has changed in the past year. Not just physically (I am really digging that short hair - and I'm thinking a haircut is in order!), but emotionally and intellectually Autumn has come so far. If you remember, I was originally pretty bummed that with Autumn's late birthday (she missed the Kindergarten cut off by 21 days) she'd be left behind while all of her friends went off to school. Instead, I've seen her just thrive at school and socially with her friends. She's so much more confident, so bright, and now so ahead of the game come Kindergarten. I am not worried about her at all in school. I am so glad that the choice was made for me, because this extra year as made all the difference!

She couldn't just take a photo... there were several out takes from my attempt to get a shot for comparisions sake! Also, can you tell the pools aren't officially open? A drastic contrast from her summer tan to her winter color is pretty funny!

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