Valentine's Day

Being a parent has it's highs and lows. A low point would definitely be when my daughter BIT ME yesterday, but the highs are definitely experiencing new things with your kids. Now that Autumn is in school, we got to celebrate Valentine's Day in a whole new way! I remember being in elementary school and decorating my box for my Valentine's and putting together the cards on the floor of my mom's room. When I got confirmation that they would be doing an exchange at preschool, we went right to Target. Autumn was immediately drawn to the Hello Kitty cards (big shocker), but I convinced her to also get the Despicable Me cards for the boys in her class.

She helped me put them all together and did her best to copy some of the names. We've been working on her letters every night and she recognizes all but a couple now, and she's wanting to copy and trace letters more and more. It was a fun way to spend our afternoon. Sadly her party got pushed back because of all the snow we saw over the weekend, but she had a lot of fun and was happy to pass out her Valentines!

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  1. I'm so jealous of Autumn's love of Hello Kitty. I love HK so much, but Rachel couldn't care less about it. Sad!

    Autumn's handwriting is a lot better than Rachel's, too. You go, girl!