Snochi 2014

This week we got quite a bit of snow! I really like snow days, despite 90% of my Facebook newsfeed. It was fun being home, watching the snow and spending the day with Adam. He woke up and got dressed saying he'd "give the roads a try". I got up and saw that the roads were still completely covered in white snow and told him he was crazy. We went downstairs and I said, "Um, yeah, you're not going anywhere" because his car was completely buried and sunken into a heap of snow. The whole street had over 12 inches a snow covering it. 

Of course Autumn was begging to go outside and we decided to do our best at shoveling. Our neighbors measured 12.5" of snow! We made a pathway on our sidewalk and to our door, but it was really hard to shovel a foot of snow off our cars and the mounds in between the cars. 

I admitted defeat after cleaning off my car, shoveling the sidewalks and getting one and a half sides of the car. Adam and I swapped out and he finished behind and the rest of the snow around the cars. The plow came by later and attempted to put the snow right back behind our cars, until Adam and our neighbor Jerry stood outside and shoveled it all into the middle of the road for the plow to properly move!

Two days later I'm crazy sore. I think it's part my being wildly out of shape and there being THAT much snow to shovel. I love the winter, but I do day dream of those long nights on the deck grilling in the summer!


  1. Your neighborhood looks so lovely! We haven't had any snow this winter in Belgium. That is unheard of. It is crazy warm here for the time of the year, but all I want is some fluffy white snow.

    1. Thank you! We really love it. It took a long time to finally find a home, but I think it was all meant to be! It's been a pretty crazy winter. Last year was kind of a dud, so this all makes up for it!