First Snow

My poor neglected blog. It's been a pretty hectic past few weeks here at Brewer Inc. Between running the household, church and work I've been swamped! I remembered however that I had uploaded these pictures but never posted them. These are pictures from our first snow! 

Getting the kids all dressed up to go out is such a long process. I think it took a good half hour to get both kids dressed (and find their snow stuff). You'll notice that we were unprepared, as Brody is wearing both pink snow pants and Princess boots. But hey, whatever works! 

Brody did not care for the snow at all. He couldn't quite get his footing in the boots, and just kept falling over, unable to get himself back up. I brought out his truck thinking that'd do the truck, but about 30 seconds after the picture below was taken he totally landed on his face right on the hard sidewalk. He got (and still has) a nice goose egg on his forehead. 

Autumn LOVED the snow. She would have stayed out all day. She loved making a snowman, snow angels, "dirt soup" and helping me shovel and clean off the cars. She's such an outdoors girl!

After Brody fell and bonked his head, he went inside. I think he spent all of 1 minute outside, literally. What a waste! He watched Play with Me Sesame while Autumn and I played outside a bit longer.

Also noted during our first snow - I don't own any winter appropriate shoes and the only shovel I have is about 2 feet tall.

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