Thanksgiving weekend is still on going, but I wanted to share some pictures from our Thanksgiving day. In years past, my siblings have flocked to my parent's home. As our family grows, it's become a tighter fit. When my brother Joel and his wife Chelsey bought they're new home, we wondered if their large home and large yard might better suit us. Plus, Chelsey has a reputation as being the "family cook", always making delicious meals and treats. When she agreed to host us all this year, we were all on board!

She, along with her parents (originally from Utah, but serving an LDS mission in Richmond - our mission), put on a delicious spread. 2 turkeys, including a deep fried, potatoes, stuffing, bread, green beans, salad, corn, fruit salad, cranberry relish and on and on! I couldn't fit everything on one plate! 

The gorgeously decorated table reminded me of how we used to have Thanksgiving as children in the dining room with our fancy china and champagne glasses.

I worried I'd have to fight over the skin this year since it wasn't at my mom's, but everyone was more than welcome to let me have at it!

Chelsey put together a kids table, with crayons to color the table cloth and all! There was a separate space for all the kids so the adults could eat and talk - something we haven't been able to do in years! Dinner was so quiet and relaxed!

Brody loved dinner! He also loved Tank, Joel and Chelsey's dog. Tank loved him as well - Brody's many crumbs and droppings helped Tank get in on the Thanksgiving action as well!

After dinner, the kids headed outside to shoot BB and airsoft guns. It was pretty chilly out, but the kids all loved taking turns at the "gun range".

My home made cheesecake! My friend Regan's mom makes a delicious cheesecake - we had it on Christmas Eve(ish) for a few years when we lived in Utah. She was gracious enough to send me the recipe and I gave it a go. It was a success!!

Dessert! Lots of pies and yummy treats.
 It was a great day. The kids had a blast and we all got to relax. We left late in the evening and headed home, putting the kids to bed while Karen, Jodi and I headed out to Black Friday. We hit Target and Kohls. There really weren't any crazy good deals this year. Not only that, with the stores opening so early (5, 6 or 8PM) there wasn't a big rush or anticipation. All of the stores were just like any other Saturday night shopping. Still, it was fun to go out with the girls and carry on tradition. I don't remember going to sleep until after 3, as we didn't even leave Kohls until well after 1am!

Another great year. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas and getting the kids excited. With family still in town, we're changing Adam and I's tradition of putting the tree up Thanksgiving night to the Sunday after, doing it after church and having a fun night of it! I can't wait =)

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