Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Our night ended around 7pm and the kids are snuggled up next to Adam on the couch watching Despicable Me 2. We kept up tradition and had pizza at Aunt Jodi's house with the boys and got ready to set out trick or treating. Autumn went as Rapunzel again (and half witch, after Grandpa brought her hat she'd left at his house) and Brody went as the most adorable little dalmation you've ever seen! Yes, dalmation, not cow. But, I'll be singing another tune come Chick-fil-A "Dress Like a Cow Day". 

Autumn was a pro this year. I'm not that quick to have a video edited yet, but she went right up to the houses by herself and wasn't shy at all. Brody wasn't shy either - if your door was open, he was inviting himself in. Forget the candy. 

We had a blast, but I'm glad it's over. This mama is anxious for bedtime and some Scandal and a coke on the couch! Holidays are exhausting with kids!

Christian the Cat Burglar and Anthony the cop. Diego retired this year, and handed out candy.

We just did Jodi's street of townhomes before heading home. We decided to walk around our cul-de-sac so Adam could come with us. We hit up our favorite neighbors first, Jerry and Elizabeth.

Jerry and Elizabeth just got a new puppy. Brody and Buddy sniffed each other out and decided to be friends. 

We can totally see why nobody ever trick or treats at our house. Only 2 houses on our entire street passed out candy - our 2 neighbors. LAME. Glad we went to Jodi's!

The kids dug right in. At one point in the night, Brody didn't even bother to rip the wrapper off a Kitkat, he just sucked out the choclate... Oy!

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