31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

20 Facts About You (Kelli)

  1. I love to sleep in. I never wake up on my own with an alarm by choice. My kids either have to come in and wake me up or make noise for me to get up. If undisturbed, I will sleep until a I naturally wake up, which could be at 10 or 11. I was worried my kids would really cramp my style, but I have trained them well to sleep in. 
  2. I love to make forms. And label things. When I worked at Stevenson's, I was always making new forms, manuals and finding out ways to streamline and make things more precise. This has been a great quality since I started running my own business. (I also LOVE filling out forms. New patient information at the Doctor? SIGN ME UP.)
  3. Being a mom has forced me to try harder at having girl friends. I'm just a very low maintenance friend, which I think a lot of girls perceive as I "don't care" or I'm not interested, which isn't usually the case. My personality has always just resonated better with guys, who don't look for a hidden meaning in my sarcasm or humor. 
  4. I don't like to go out or somewhere unless I know what kind of bathroom situation there is. With my stomach problems, my world revolves around the accessibility to a bathroom. I get extremely anxious if there are no bathrooms or if they're not ideal. Sometimes I skip events or outings because I know the anxiety will just be too much for me. 
  5. I am a woman of habit. Especially at nighttime. For example, if I am tired, I can't just brush my teeth and go to bed. That's not routine, and I wouldn't be able to sleep. No matter how tired I am, I have to turn on the TV, check all my social media sites on my phone (Facebook, Instagram, LJ, the news, etc.) before bed and then watch 1 show, like TMZ. Then I feel like I can turn off the TV and go to bed. 
  6. I thrive on my alone time. I think this stems from being the youngest. There were 5 years between my sister and I so we didn't play together much, and I was the only one at home for many years. I grew to like my independence. I need to be alone, especially after having kids and my alone time is non-existent. Adam and I usually spend our nights apart after the kids are in bed (me on the computer working or watching TV and he's downstairs on his computer). When my friend talks about having to spend so much time together after work, it just sounds dreadful. I'd feel so suffocated. 
  7. Someday I would love to go back to school and get my Masters in Art History. I looked into doing it online, but then realized that would be dreadfully boring. Perhaps someday I could go back to the classroom when the kids are grown. 
  8. I've never been overseas or outside of the country. If I could go anywhere, I would go to Italy. I love Italian food and I'd love to go see the art and architecture I studied for years in school. 
  9. I'm sure a lot of people do this, but when I'm sick, I seek refuge in the shower. When I was having all of my gallbladder issues and would spend the day - well - it wasn't pretty, I would just lie on the floor of the shower. When I'm pregnant, I do this too. When I get a headache or have the flu, I just lie on the floor of my shower. Luckily I have a big tub =)
  10. I put my napkin over my food when I'm done with it at restaurants, like I'm covering a dead body. I didn't realize this until one of my best friends, Regan, pointed it out when we were out to eat after a Warcraft raid.
  11. I'm convinced if I meet someone once or twice they're not going to remember/recognize me again if I see them. I'm not sure why. Like I don't have a super unique face? I wonder if people think I'm rude for not saying hi, but I just want to save us both embarrassment if they don't remember me. 
  12. I really like organizing. I love it when my house is clean and spotless. If I'm in a mood, I love turning on music and just cleaning. But - I'm too lazy to keep it that way. I'll sort and put my makeup together just right, and then find I don't have time or I'm too lazy to put it back where I'd organized it. I don't do a lot of maintaining - just cleaning and messing.
  13. Sometimes my priorities are wrong - I stress out more about the house and the laundry than spending time with my kids or going outside. My very wise friend told me, "They won't remember how clean the house was, but what you did with them". Anytime I start to feel like a bad mom because there's a pile of laundry, I tell myself that, and feel better. Sometimes, I even get to the laundry!
  14. I like to talk to check out clerks. My mom has always been really friendly and will talk to anyone. I know how it was to work in retail, and how much I appreciated someone friendly who didn't just speed through the line. I want Autumn to see my example of how to treat others who serve and work retail as well.  
  15. I don't like Duck Dynasty. I feel like I'm the only one who realizes how scripted and fake it is. 
  16. I really enjoy celebrity gossip. Maybe it's the glitz and glamour? I'm up to speed on everything happening in everyone's lives. I can name celebrities friends names. Their spouses. Their movies. I also super appreciate the arts - music, movies, acting. I don't just watch a movie for entertainment. I examine the costumes, the cinematography, the true acting performances, the script... Oscar time is my absolute favorite and I try really hard to see all the movies so I can have an informed opinion on who really should win.
  17. I really enjoy reading. I just never make time for it. I like to read in long spurts, and I just don't have the time between the kids and making work a priority. 
  18. I used to play World of Warcraft. I didn't just "play". I was a "raider". I played in 25 player coordinated groups at night with Adam, with a headset and helped play out worked out strategies and whatnot. I was a Human Warlock, and I was pretty darn good at it. I miss it, and I miss my friends that played the game, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. 
  19. Since having kids, I have a horrible memory. I forget tasks or things that happened very easily. Mainly things where I have a responsibility, or I got an email asking me something... I have to try really hard to write things down or make lists, especially with my photography business. 
  20. I really enjoy speaking in British and Southern accents. 


  1. Kelli, we are alike in many ways. What really stood out to me is #3. I'm very much a "low maintenance" friend, and have lost friendships because of it. It can be a challenge to say the least. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there are others who share this fact with you.

  2. I HATE feeling out forms. That is so funny that you love it! Maybe it's because I never liked my handwriting...not sure. I am also a low maintenance friend, I am terrible at correspondence and chatting. I do love to talk but not about the things most girls like to talk about. If that makes sense. I also find celebrity stuff fascinating. And my husband and I usually do our own thing at night, too. I could sleep all day... I wish we lived closer, we sound so alike. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Another one, I always stress about the house. And I'm terrible at sitting down and playing with the kids, my mind is always racing on to all the other million things I have to do. I so wish to change this. I have heard of the quote you shared and I should say it to myself more often as well.