Dear Brody

Sometime dinner is so messy, we don't even make it to the tub.

Dear Brody,

My sweet boy. Days lately have become harder and more stressful, but your smile is so infectious. You're so big and tall that it's hard to believe you're still a baby at only 14 months. Lately you've been going through some rough patches - you were a late bloomer teethwise and you have been non-stop cutting teeth for weeks on end with no end in sight. You're experiencing separation anxiety at night, making bedtime take over an hour instead of a few minutes. You demand my attention right as I start to try and make dinner, but reward me by sleeping past 10am when I need that extra bit of sleep.

  • If I'm sitting on the floor, you come up to me, turn your back to me and plop down into my lap. The way you do it slowly, methodical and precise makes me smile every time. This is your preferred seat when eating yogurt, which certainly makes my job a little more tricky...
  • Speaking of eating, you love to use a fork and spoon and feed yourself now! You are such a good little eater, packing away 3-4x as much as your sister!
  • You love applesauce, "chickens", oatmeal, crackers, french fries, and yes - Pop. You're completely off formula (we finished off all the canisters we had in the house) and don't love milk, but you don't hate it. Not a lot anyway. 
  • You let me style your hair oh so cute and look like such a little stud/big boy with your hair all gelled up. 
  • You don't say much, but you talk non-stop. Your little gibberish is so cute, especially when you think you're talking on the phone. Whether it be the real phone you've grabbed, a remote, or a toy, you love to put it up to your hear and gab away. 
  • You sign "more" and "all done". 
  • Whenever you put you on Momma and Daddy's bed, you immediately make a dash for the fan at the foot of the bed, pressing any of the controls and buttons you can get your hands onto. This makes me incredibly nervous, so I almost immediately put you back onto the floor, which you hate. 
  • You love toilets. You're finally starting to get the idea that you're not allowed in them, but for weeks there was a time I couldn't keep you out of them. Just note - your sister is great about flushing Mister. Gross. 
  • You are a Daddy's boy. If I say, "Daddy's home!" you immediately look towards the front door and run as fast as you can down to the glass door to meet him. 
  • Church is a workout for Momma and Daddy. You're proud of your newfound mobility and keeping you still in Sacrament is a challenge, but so far we've never had to keep you outside of Sacrament. Daddy sometimes cheats by silently letting you watch Peppa Pig on his Nexus. Hey, it works, until crayons do!
  • You LOVE being outside. Especially at Nana's where you can roam around the cul-de-sac and play with all the big kids. You trip and fall, scrape your knees raw - but you never even cry. Aside from the scabs, we'd never know you'd been hurt. You are such a rough and tough little guy.
  • If there are trucks to be found, you'll find them, push them around, all while narrating with your lips and little truck noises.
  • You love being home with just me during big sister's time at preschool. No one steals your toys, you get my undivided attention and between you and me - I really enjoy it too!
You are such a blessing to our family. When I'm having a rough day with your already acting like a teenager sister, you just look at me with your puppy dog eyes and smile - melting my heart. Realizing I need to be more patient. I only want the best for you and worry all the time that something tragic will take your sweet spirit away from me. I just don't know how I'd ever get on being never able to hear your giggle or gibberish again! You're my sweet boy and I love you so much!


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