Preschool, Day 2

Autumn's second day of preschool was a success! When we pulled into the parking lot this morning she told me she didn't want to go to school, but redirection for the win! She was so excited when her "best friend" Maylen arrived and wanted to hold her hand to go into class. When we got to her class, she wanted me to come in and help her with her backpack. The school (and myself) are big on independence, so I told her that her teacher would help her find her hook. She asked if Maylen could help her, and the two walked over and got their bags situated. I kind of snuck out and peered in for a minute and when I saw she was okay, I left.

Now, Tuesday, I didn't quite know what to do with myself the three hours she was gone.

Today, I concur that preschool is WORTH EVERY PENNY. Immediately after, I drove to Home Depot. I've had a kid's bathroom floor renovation on my to-do list for ages and Home Depot gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I was able to buy everything I needed with ease. I helped my Dad get his car to the tire shop, and even got Brody in a quick hour nap in the car. We headed home and I managed to straighten up the house to spotless shape again, empty the dishwasher, load the new dishes, sweep, and make the sauce for tonight's dinner. I loved having so much time to myself and to get things done!

When I went to pick up Autumn, I was the first parent to pick up from the class. On Tuesday Autumn jumped up and tried to run to the door as soon as she saw me, but Mrs. Hughes asks that they stay seated until she calls their name when the parent is at the door. Today, Mrs. Hughes called her name and Autumn looked to me and then back to Mrs. Hughes for reassurance it really was okay for her to get up. Mrs. Hughes told me that Autumn confidently used the bathroom all by herself today, no problem. Wahoo! Here I was, thinking she was going to be terrified of the new toilets for forever. I was so proud of my big girl.

This past week I have just slept terrible, and felt terrible with all the anxiety about sending my baby off to preschool. She is doing well and I hope she'll only do better. She's becoming so grown up and I know this is what was totally best for her AND for me!

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  1. I feel the EXACT same way with Brycen!! Glad she is doing awesome.