Family Pictures - Kinda.

When we were down in NC I thought we should try and take some new family pictures since we were down at the beach.

However, the kids wanted nothing to do with it.

Brody was tired, hungry, and wanted nothing to do with the ocean or the sand. The kid that never cries - just cried and cried. Autumn was stubborn and didn't want anything with looking at the camera or taking pictures. My lenses were getting foggy because of the humidity, so if there was a good picture in the bunch, it was probably blurry.

It just didn't go all that well. There are only one or two that I would frame, but I'll still share some of the others with you! We'll try again in the fall when it's not so hot!


  1. Aw, there are some really great ones!

  2. I don't know, I think that were all awesome!

  3. You are a pro! These all look impeccable.

  4. I love brody in the second one. He's looking at his nails like "is this over yet?" He's so cute! And I think all of these are great!