Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

It's just about time to start planning your first birthday. How did we get here already? You're not my little snuggly baby anymore. You're a little person that is into everything because you're so curious and on the go! I'm sad to leave the baby stage behind, but anxious to see you get bigger and hit new milestones. What will you look like when you're walking on your own? What will your voice sound like when you can say words?

The past few weeks have been tough for you, as you're finally cutting teeth and growing like a weed. You've got 3 teeth that we can see - the two on the bottom and one of your big teeth on the top. We can tell more is in store, from your constant drooling and desire to be held. Your little smile is still just so infectious! You have a reputation for being so happy. At the beach, everyone wondered when they were going to hear you cry. You're just full of smiles, eager to clap, and show everyone how loud you can talk and babble.

We've been given you 3 square meals for a few weeks now. You love sharing Autumn's oatmeal in the morning, or having pancakes. For lunch and dinner, like brother like sister - you love "chickens". You're also happy to share a plate with Dad and I. You love mashed potatoes, macaroni, chicken, spaghetti... What could I do without? The way you throw or toss everything onto the floor when you're done. The "all done" sign language hasn't caught on yet, so I guess this will do for now...

You're a bit of a noisy eater. It drives Grandpa nuts! You mumble and grumble as you chew and swallow. You're enjoying your food and you want it to be known! Normally, it's very cute. Not so cute however when you're snacking during Sacrament at church or in a restaurant where not everyone finds your chatter as cute as we do. Still, flash them that sweet big smile and blue eyes and you're golden!

Since it's the summer we've gone to the pool and the beach. At the pool all you want to do is splash, splash, splash... You don't want to be held, which makes it very hard to swim with you. If we put you into a baby boat, you spend all your time and effort seeking a way out of it. At the beach, you were NOT a fan of the ocean and the sand. Being held you kept your composure and a stern watchful eye, but if we dared put you in the sand, you let it be known you were not enjoying yourself. Still, you had a great time with all of your cousins and being pushed in the swing or riding along the back of my bike.

When we got home from the beach for a week, it was so adorable to see you crawl all over the house making sure everything was right where you left it. It was so sweet to see you recognize "home".

Walking is in the near future. You're constantly walking along whatever you can hold onto and have taken a few steps away from safety, but promptly fall exchanging walking for crawling, which gets you much faster to where you need to go.

Something we learned in the past few weeks is that while you are a daddy's boy, you have my fair skin and even traces of freckles on your sweet face!

I'm so glad I've gotten this on video, because it's so cute, but every time we give you a ball you raise it over your head with both arms and roll it back along your head. If we hand you another one, you do the same thing. We're not sure why you do this, but it's hilarious and so cute! You're so proud of yourself once you feel the ball roll down the back of your neck!

In the mornings (if I haven't gone in to wake you up because it's almost 10am) you're always standing and waiting for me in the corner of your crib, closest to the door. I love your swollen little morning eyes and the way you bury your head into me before I can pick you up out of the crib. You're not much of a snuggler, and you never rest your head on my shoulder, so I soak up any form of tenderness I can get out of ya!

I can't wait to celebrate your first birthday. You have been exactly what our family didn't know we were missing. You get trampled on, hit on the head or things taken away from you, but you're such a good sport and constantly just going with the flow. You're the sweet balance to your sister's high maintenance drama! You may be a Daddy's boy, but you'll always be my little guy.

- Mom

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