Photo-A-Day/Project 365 - January

For years now I've been watching a friend take a picture every day for a year. He posts them separately with a short caption and it's interesting, even when the pictures aren't of people I know or anything extraordinary. It's a fun look into someone else's life. He's been doing it over 7 years now I think. Crazy right?

One of my really good friends I met because of his own photo a day project. He's still going strong and helped inspire me to give it another try.

I've tried in the past, but never made it. So far I'm 18 days into month two and going strong! It's been a great challenge to pick up my camera and take pictures of my own kids. I've slacked since I started my photography business 3 years ago.

I post all the images publicly on Facebook - but here is a recap of the month of January!

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