Dear Brody

Dear Brody,

How on earth are you already 6 months old? You're getting so big - so heavy - and hitting all sorts of milestones. You're not my tiny baby anymore. You're my chunky monkey that is always hamming it up. You just smile and smile - I've never met a happier baby, and I thought your sister was the happiest baby they make.

Things I want to remember:
  • Bedtime: 8:30PM
  • Next Feed: 11PM (I wake you, feed you in your sleep), 5AM
  • Wakeup: 7:30-8AM
  • Eating: 5-6oz every 3-4 hours, cereal mixed with applesauce, mixed veggies, for breakfast and dinners
  • Baths: You can take them or leave them
  • First Rolled Over: January 26
  • Weight: 17 pounds!
  • Sitting Up: He was sitting up all on his own like crazy Sunday morning
Your laugh is infectious. I try so hard to get it on camera to capture your personality but you are so enamored by the camera that it's not nearly "full throttle" Brody. Daddy gets you going like no other. You love to hold his hair and grab it as hard as you can as he shakes his face in your big belly.

I love that you seem to know me. When you hear my voice you look for me. If Daddy is holding you on the couch, you'll be staring at me at the computer with puppy dog eyes that say, "Mama, hold me!"

Dad has taught you this thing where you vibrate your lips and spit bubbles. You also wrap your little lips around your gums and hum such sweet cooing noises. I can't wait to hear you talk. I try to image you as a little kid walking all over the place and asking me for juice or crackers. I look forward to that day where you find your voice. I'll probably regret that someday. Maybe when you're three and sassing me like your sister...

I love you so much. I love how different our relationship is since you're my little boy. You make me laugh and you make me smile. Your innocence and unconditional love makes me a better person, a better mom to your sister and maybe even a better friend and wife. You just put me in a better mood. I love our alone time after Autumn goes to sleep and I can just snuggle you and put you to sleep.

Love you Mr. Magooeys...


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  1. Wesley does that same thing with Peter's hair! So cute. Love little boys. This post is so sweet.