The Santa Train

The second weekend in December Adam and I took Autumn on the "Santa Train" locally here. I had heard about it the night before tickets went on sale. I read they were popular so I logged on when they went on sale and had no trouble. Apparently they sold out in 4 minutes. Not sure why (details to come) but hey, we were pretty excited to take Autumn.

Brody sat this one out - who would have thought a 4 month old would need a ticket? Apparently that was the rule, that every passenger needs a ticket - which is funny because no one even checked tickets when we got in line or boarded the train.

Anyway, we got there early to see the train pull in and we picked our seats. Once the train started, I kept wondering when we were going to go faster. I think we went a whole 30mph tops - you go faster on the Metro!

At one point in the ride "Elves" came around and handed out colored pencils (have you tried to color with colored pencils and no hard surface?) with train safety books for the kids. A short while later, Santa and Mrs. Claus made their appearance.

This was about all we saw of Santa. He zoomed right past us. He moved really fast and sadly didn't spend very much time with each kid. That was fine by Autumn however, since she didn't want a thing to do with him. She couldn't claw her way up my lap and bury her head in my chest fast enough.

So, overall, the Santa train was super lame. It was slow, at some points we were actually stopped for who knows what reason, and it wasn't "magical" at all. I think the carolers spent more time talking about what songs to sing next than actually singing. Yep, I'm a grinch! I mean, it was worth every penny of the $5 we each spent to ride. And it was a fun outing as a family that ended with smiles and a trip to Chick-fil-A.

Next time, when Autumn is a little bit older, we'll do a true Polar Express where we go in PJs, get hot chocolate, meet Santa, have the story read to us, and more. But as for the chances we'll do the Santa Train next year? Slim to none.

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