Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

I'm all about stealing traditions.

Once such tradition that I've stolen is that of my sister in law Karen. When I was younger, I remember following the ladies around during the "shopping day" at our annual beach vacation. When we got to the Christmas Mouse, she would hunt all over for Christmas ornaments that represented something that happened that year. Eventually we all kind of picked up on it. I love that all the ornaments on my tree represent an event, a person or a trip we've taken.

This year, we added quite a few new ornaments to the tree. The first is self-explanatory - this is Brody's first Christmas! Ernie represents Autumn's love for her Ernie doll and earlier in the year "Play With Me Sesame".

I actually can't remember if I bought this ornament this year, or the last. I am drawn to these little smore people every year and I just had to buy one to represent my photography business.

Also this year I bought Autumn an "Olivia" ornament. It's not on as much so she hardly watches it anymore, but for a while it was the only thing she wanted to watch. Also, while it was Brody's first Christmas, Autumn became a big sister this year.

And, for good measure, a few pictures of Brody following the setting up of the tree. I can't believe this guy is almost 5 months old!

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