Suffering a Loss

We have suffered a loss in the Brewer family this weekend.

My computer; may she rest in peace.

After church on Sunday, I tried to turn on my computer with no luck (which is odd, because I never turn my computer off). No power at all, so I asked Adam to take a look at it, thinking my power supply had gone bad. A few hours later and once Adam had gotten a chance to look at it, he came upstairs and just kind of stood there and looked at me. It was fairly obvious he didn't want to tell me - "You might want to say a prayer, because I can't get either of your hard drives to work."

Essentially, my worst nightmare had happened.

I thought I was covering my bases by having a main hard drive and a backup mirror drive. That protected me against the hard drive failing, but not a power surge. Lesson learned! After some research and inspection, Adam thinks there is a good chance he can repair the drives himself. A part is on order and hopefully I will know something in the next few days. Otherwise, I was quoted anywhere from $700-$1400 to have data recovery specialists look at the drive.

I'm handling this a lot better than I thought I would. Perhaps I am in denial? Or the worry over my client images is allowing me to not focus on the potential that every personal image I have taken in the past 10 years could possibly be lost?

I am so lost without my computer. I feel as if I am not getting anything done, whether it's work or personal items I wanted to work on. I know that this will be fixed and there will be a solution, whether or not it is favorable. An external hard drive is also in my future, as is an online backup through Backblaze or similar companies.

Until then, prayers are appreciated, or fingers crossed if you're not the praying type. =)

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  1. Hey I hope that recovery is going well!! Computers have our whole lives on it so I can only imagine how frustrated you are! I was just gonna tell you that I use Mozy as my online backup company...and I really like them!! Good luck!