Black Friday 2011

Goodness, am I behind in blogging! I am always sad when I hop onto Blogspot and my friends haven't updated, and here I am still blogging about Thanksgiving - guilty! Luckily my business has shut down and orders have been processed for the Holidays. This means I will have more free time to devote to personal projects - blogging included!

So, there wasn't really a whole lot that I wanted Black Friday-wise this year. I scoped the ads with family and picked out two things I wanted at Target - a 10 piece frame set and a set of glass Pyrex bowls (with lids!). Though I had been thinking about it, I hadn't planned on buying a new TV. I was still shopping around and looking for the best Holiday deals.

Well, at midnight my sister and 2 sister in laws set out for Target. There is just something exciting about Black Friday shopping! Just minutes after it opened there was still a large line to get into the store and it was fun to see victorious shoppers coming out immediately with the big ticket items, mostly large TVs. Anyways, I found what I wanted right away and just kind of wandered the store, finding things for my family. When I joined them in line, my sister happened to point out the TV I'd been looking at - that was abandoned in the electronics line.

After a little bit of peer pressure, talk of it being "meant to be", and a quick look at the bank account - I DID IT!

We were all victorious at Target and got exactly what we came for. Our Target is in a great part of town, so everyone was friendly and courteous. We even made great friends with two Marines in line behind us. They helped put the TV in the cart for me!

After Target, my sister Jodi asked, "So, are you guys just going home?" My sister in law Karen replied, "I dunno, I'm kinda all pumped now!" We ended up visiting a few other stores after that and there was even talk of an IHOP run. But, at about 3:30 we were starting to run on empty.

I tossed around whether or not I would even go to Black Friday because I wasn't feeling good and I was tired, but I am so glad that I did! Not just for the TV, but because of the bonding time with the other members of the "Best Moms Ever" club (we are card carrying members...).

Here's the next year!

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