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Halloween has come and gone, but it was a great year for us! Now that Autumn is another year older, she caught on quickly to the whole idea of trick or treating. It was adorable to see her hold out her little basket - and how after each trip to a house she was wanting to unwrap all of her new candy and eat it right away.

Finding out early on it is cheaper to just buy a costume then make it, I found this super cute Dorothy dress at JoAnn fabrics. Autumn already had the ruby red slippers in her arsenal of shoes, so it worked out perfectly! To complete the ensemble we opted for the wicker basket instead of her orange pumpkin.

The Thursday before Halloween, our church had it's annual Trunk or Treat. Adam and I also dressed up, because we're fun, awesome people.

I went as one of my favorite ladies, Lucille Ball. I still remember when I was little, and even when I was home from college, sitting and watching I Love Lucy reruns on Nick at Night with my mom. The dress and shoes were already in my Sunday collection, so after a quick trip to eBay for the wig and some super long eyelashes, I was set!

I have to say we were both appalled at the lack of "The Office" knowledge in our ward at church. I think maybe 2 people knew what Adam was when he explained he was "3 Hole Punch Jim". To everyone else, they just smiled and nodded politely. Epic fail. But I thought he looked great! I do love me some Jim from the Office.

Loud noises have always bothered Autumn, and the overly-loud microphone announcing the hitting of the pinata was no exception. She had to be taken out into the hall until it was time to go trick or treating. In the one image, it's almost as if she's just seen the Wicked Witch of the West!

Once the trick or treating started however, she was game! Last year she was just a few days past 1 and still a little shakey on her legs. This year she figured it out quickly and was fast to move from door to door (it was raining out, so we moved the trunk or treating indoors to the classrooms) to get candy.

Last year I worried that people would think we'd just dressed Autumn up because we were candy hungry, but in all honesty I just wanted pictures of her trick or treating, and we quit after just a few doors. I didn't even take her out on Halloween night. This year, I worried again since she is still little, but I can assure you that Autumn had quite a death grip on her candy basket and Adam and I weren't getting any of it! Everytime someone put something new in her basket, especially a lollipop, she wanted to rip into it right away! One night, she was fisting 4 different lollipops at once!

A few days later my sister's ward at church also had their trunk or treat party. My sister invited us along and since Autumn had taken a late nap, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to get my $12 out of that costume and wear her out. It was really festive - a huge turn out, with a lot of parents dressed up as well as kids, and a big chili potluck.

Probably my favorite costume of the night, this was a McGuyver/McGruber costume. I didn't get a great picture because I didn't want to be super creepy and obvious that I was taking a picture considering I only knew a handful of people at Jodi's party. 

 The boys were really cute in their costumes. Anthony went as a ref, Diego went as a telephone and Christian (not pictured) went as a girl.

After dinner, they cleared out most of the tables to make room for dancing. Well, if you know my little girl, you know she LOVES to dance. Sadly my camera died right as it started, so I only managed to get a short video. She danced the whole night, just around and around. She cleared a big dance floor for herself and was quite entertaining for those around her watching! She shared a few moves with Diego, but I think he was holding her back...

It was a great year! Here is a home video of our Halloween, including video of Autumn's dancing! =)

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