OBX Part Deux

We made it to the Outer Banks! Despite losing a day, the week felt longer than usual. The minute we get here on Sunday I usually begin counting down, 'Now we have 6 days. 5 more days, only 2 days left!'  I was so disjointed from coming a day late that I couldn't keep the days straight and as a result I was not even thinking about it. I just enjoyed finally being at my home away from home!

I brought my small point and shoot camera instead of my DSLR, which was a great decision in the end.

Despite having Autumn with me 24/7 anyways, I have really loved the special time I had to spend with her this week. I feel like I am enjoying her more without the daily responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, paying pills and being the head of a household. She has done really well and I love how independent she is as she gets older!

Here are some highlights from our trip!

Unfortunately my portable DVD player (that hasn't been turned on in almost 3 years) didn't work on the way down. Go figure. My Dad's laptop and Toy Story came to the rescue!

I got a lot of reading done the week at the beach. I read 4 books! I used the iPad a lot this week - a lot. Seriously, the best investment I've made in ages. Worth every penny! It was awesome to have it poolside.

The tunnel on the way to the Outer Banks. I used to love it as a kid and Autumn loves it now. She claps when we reemerge into the daylight!

Getting closer!

A quick trip through the drive thru - we woke up earlier than usual since we lost a day and we drove almost straight through without lunch.

The bridge onto the islands of the Outer Banks! I remember getting so excited as a kid, knowing we were almost there!

After a quick celebratory dip in the pool and dinner, we went over to see how the ocean was. Due to the hurricane, it was incredibly choppy and rough. My Aunt also came down for the week with our family.

Autumn was so curious about the water - but loved it!

At our usual path to the ocean (Hillcrest) they installed a new shower. It is amazing! Perfect for rinsing off before getting into the car or walking home. I wish they had one of these at the path we use in June!

My nephew turned 5 and the oldest turned 9. It was a double birthday celebration. However, we didn't plan ahead. We forgot candles, but toothpicks work just the same! You just gotta sing fast...

Power breakfast! Autumn just loves pancakes and waffles! She can eat two or three sometimes.

Diva in training.

One morning we walked down to the beach where there are these ponds/swamp waters that are filled with wild turtles. Within minutes Diego had already caught one!

Christian also had good luck!

Personally, I thought the pool water was freezing. For being August, it was unusually cool and windy because of the hurricane. Still, I couldn't keep Autumn away from the water. I've never seen her shiver so hard!

The water never really was great for swimming. A few days it was red flag and the others it was just too choppy and big for the kids to swim in. The lifeguards were very cautious.

I had to post this picture for my family - notice the debris, but also how close people are sitting to the dunes? For some reason (we're assuming the hurricane) there was NO beach. Even where my aunt was sitting the waves were washing up and hitting her feet. It was unreal. Plus, look at all the piles of grassy debris.

Lunch by the pool! Because the ocean was red flag and the beach was crazy, we came home early and got into the pool instead. Hence the packed lunch.

This girl loves her soda.

I can't remember the last time I had my hair french braided. I asked my mom to do it for me and it was a perfect way to keep my hair out of my face and cool in the sun.

We learned that the time to shop for souvenirs and t-shirts is in August vs. June - everything is 50% off! One night everyone in the house went shopping down the street at our favorite store, Wings.

I was so glad I brought my camera (see, the point and shoot fits perfectly in my purse!) to capture this sunset on the sound. For about 5 years we rented the same house in June that sat between the sound and the ocean - it was properly named "A Panoramic Rendezvous". We outgrew that house as a large family and there isn't a year that goes by we don't miss watching the sunsets from our deck.

Grandpa and Autumn - notice her Dora shirt. I found it at the Beach Walmart and it said "Outer Banks, NC" on it with a swimsuit clad Dora. I think I scored major mom points with that purchase!

Best Buds.

I bought this swimsuit for myself years ago but resurrected it for this trip. It didn't hurt Autumn has a near identical red polka dot suit! =)

Autumn loved all the airplane advertisements at the beach. "Plane!"

Anthony looking slick in his new hat and shades from Wings - he picked them out himself.

Everybody loves Nana.

Yep, that's a onesie. After breakfast, my mom took Autumn outside to do something and about 20 minutes later I asked my nephew where they were - "Autumn's in the pool." I guess she was so excited she just couldn't wait to get a suit on!

My future gymnast perhaps?

Kids always love the hose. Something about it!

Even Yoda, my nephews Iguana soaked up some rays and took a "dip" in the pool.

Someday, I will show her future husband these.

Again, the water was too choppy to get in.

Since the waves were unusually large, we saw a lot of actual surfers instead of boogie boarders at the beach this year.

She's so stinkin' cute.

Late one night we walked to the sound. It was almost completely demolished. That sand my nephews are standing on should not be there - it was washed down from the hill a house is sitting on. Notice the pier and dock is ruined - almost all of the homes on the sound lost their piers.
Another gorgeous sunset!
This house basically has a gaping hole underneath it. It's crazy. Notice the force there much have been on that fence and to puncture the earth like that.

The drive home always seems to take twice as long as it does to get there - case in point. At Golden Corral, Autumn just wanted to get home!
When we got to Golden Corral, we could see a lot of workers coming out the side door and pointing and taking pictures. Turns out this huge spider had made it's web just outside the floor. I am still getting chills just looking at it! They called it a "writer spider" and I googled it to find the technical name, which escapes me now - it starts with an A. It's fairly harmless, as it's an ordinary garden spider. It's not very poisonious. Still - it just looks freaky...


  1. It's always hard to look at your August beach pictures and not be jealous! (This is the part where you reassure me that it's nowhere near as much fun without me there.) =)

    I love the pics of Autumn in her onesie, especially with it not snapped and all hanging down in the back. =)

  2. LOVE the sunset pictures!! So perfect. What a fun week!