Silly Girl

As if the earthquake wasn't enough, that morning I had to call Poison Control for the first time. I had a sales rep come over from Luna, the same company that did our carpets, to give me a quote on laminate tile for our kitchen. We were talking and going over some numbers while Autumn was in the family room playing with toys and watching cartoons. As the salesman and I were talking, I checked on Autumn through the pass through and noticed she was chugging something - a bottle of children's ibuprofen (she can open most child-proof bottles, even Target prescriptions). I grabbed it from her, and went back to the salesman, trying not to startle him and figure out just how much she might have drank in my head while he talked.

All the while the salesman gives me some outrageous number (more than carpeting 2 floors in my house) and I feel horrible because I literally laugh in his face. "Are you serious?" It was so outrageous that I had to call my parents and tell them about it. "Oh yeah, Autumn also downed some Tylenol or something, but I just had to call you guys first and tell you how crazy Luna is. I should probably go look at the drug warnings..."

I ended up calling Poison Control so they could tell me whether or not I should be worried. They were super friendly and asked me a few questions - her age, weight, how much the bottle possibly contained and what the dosage was. As I was on hold my parent's house beeped in - it was my Dad. I told him I'd call him back. When the lady came back on, she told me Autumn would be fine and would have needed to down 2 full bottles to be sick. If it had been acetaminophen, that'd been another story but the body tolerates Ibuprofen really well. Phew! She recommended I get something in her stomach (it was lunch time anyway) and we'd be okay.

I called my parents back to give them the good news and before I could even report, my Dad starts laying into me (obviously reading something he'd found on Google) about how acetaminophen can cause death and serious problems in children if they overdose. I assured him it was just Ibuprofen, and I didn't even think she got that much. He wasn't super convinced, but luckily my sweet girl has been just fine. I also found the full bottle of Ibuprofen I'd opened a few days ago, meaning the one she'd had was almost empty anyway.

Of course however, after camping the other night Autumn slept in later that usual (10:30) and napped until 4:30. My Dad said, "Are you sure she doesn't have liver failure, setting in now days after she downed the medicine??" Funny guy that Grandpa!

Once again, just like with the earthquake, I managed to stay calm and handle the situation with ease. Grandpa does enough worrying for the 3 of us. =) Poison Control also called that afternoon to make sure Autumn was okay. We're glad our first call ended the way it did and that it wasn't more serious!


  1. Way to stay calm, even when simultaneously facing down an unreasonable flooring guy. =)

    I remember shopping at Target long ago when Jordan was little and realizing he'd unscrewed the lid to the fingernail polish remover in the cart and had taken a little sip. I knew it tasted bad enough that he probably hadn't had more than just a tiny bit, but I still called poison control when we got home...just to make sure. =)

  2. How scary- you probably were much more calm than I was when I had to call Poison Control the first time though! I'm glad she's okay!