Utah or BUST

We are so excited to announce our triumphant return to Utah in a few weeks! Adam grew up in Michigan but after retiring from Ford his Dad found work in Utah. They've had land there for many years and now have a gorgeous house in Alpine, Utah. They'll finally be making the move in a few weeks and they invited us out to visit at the end of September. Adam's little brother Tyler will be serving a 2 year LDS mission in Mexico in October, so the trip is a chance for Adam to spend some time with him and for us to get back west and see family and friends.

The plane tickets have been booked and already I am panicing. I haven't flown since a few weeks before we moved back East 2.5 years ago. Since 9/11 I'd always been paranoid to fly (especially when flying in and out of Washington, D.C.) but now it's even worse and all the news reports of planes breaking, failing, running into each other, snapping in half on the runway... all things that don't help. Add in my anxiety over my stomach condition and you have a recipe for a disaster. A refill on my prescription of Xanax is definitely in my future.

The list of things I am excited to see and do when we are in Utah is ever-growing! We loved our lives our in Utah and all the friends we made, so we are excited to go back and visit it that, even if just for a week! Here is my growing list:

  • Too see our best friends! Adam and I both left our best friends in Utah. We had a great group of friends we could call late at night and go out with. I've always gotten along better with guys and I grew to love all our Warcraft friends. Many late nights at Chili's, IHOP and Tucanos! I miss them - Brandt, Brian, Regan, Larry, Aaron, Mike, Ben, you name it.
  • Ah, Tucanos. My favorite resturatunt of all time. I can't wait to devour those garlic, cheesy mashed potatoes. Garlic sirloin, you have left such a void in my life. 
  • BETOS! There have been so many nights when I have been craving my rolled tacos with cheese and guacamole. VA is filled with chain resturaunts, while Utah had hundreds of independently own dives and drive thrus. Betos will always have a special place in my heart. Good mexican food without the sit down price and fuss.
  • Los Hermanos... My favorite mexican of all time. I doubt it's authentic, but man is it good (and isn't that what counts?)! Ever since we returned home I have sought out a mexican resturaunt that does that roasted, chewey, tender beef - none of that ground up crap. I still have yet to find someone to match the meat used in their taquitos and their amazing Chili con Queso dip. 
  • The Italian Place. Cheesesteaks with lots of pepper, lots of mayo = lots of love.
  • Burgers Supreme! This place saw my face so many times and knew when I came in I was ordering for me and my best bud Kae. Chicken fingers with ranch!!
  • How embarressing, I've gotten off on a tangent of all the food I miss... I better start stretching my stomach now.
  • My best buddy Kae! How I miss this woman. I never had great girl friends growing up and Kae was the first girl I called my best friend who called me one back. We finished each others sentences but more importantly - we finished each other's FRIENDS quotes. She is my soul mate. I miss her and our dates to pieces. 
  • Campus! I can't wait to go back to UVU. I have such fond memories of school and I LOVED being a student. Sure, I was dying and so glad to finish my degree *looks above her desk at it sitting so proudly in it's frame* but I loved every minute of it. I loved Utah Valley University and wouldn't have gone anywhere else. I loved my friends in my classes and loved my teachers. I am definitely going to have to stock up on t-shirts and Alumni memorabilia and take pictures outside my favorite buildings since I didn't walk when I graduated. 
  • My best buddy Stacy! I have so much to thank Stacy for - because of her I probably wouldn't be where I am in my photography business. Because of her faith in me and asking me to do her wedding, I finally took the plunge. She also is comsetologist extraordinaire! She saved me from pink hair, orange hair, and you name it. She has taught me so much about doing hair and I can't wait to be pampered by her when I come to visit. She should prepare now for me to rack her brain while I'm out there about all things hair =)
  • Our favorite double daters - Jilleun and Kelvin. They're married now! 
  • Down East Basics. I miss stopping at the mall and picking up new tees. I am in desperate need of new laying camis and tops! I hate paying their shipping so I am going to stock up!!
  • Stevenson's Genealogy Center. Is it weird that I want to go on vacation and go down and work at my old stomping grounds? It is weird I get both sad and excited when I see a copier? I loved my old job - it also didn't hurt some of my best friends were my co-workers! I loved that job and I loved the work and people. I hope when I am down there I can see some of my favorite customers!! Not to mention see my boss, his lovely daughter Amy and good 'ol Brother Stevenson himself. 
  • Countless friends in Utah we want to make an effort to see. We just left behind so many wonderful friends. Life in VA just hasn't been the same since Autumn arrived and a social-life with a child is non-existent. We just simply can't replace perfection. We love you guys!
My list just keeps growing. I don't know how we'll possibly fit it all in but we certainly will try!


  1. OMG! so stinking excited! We can't wait to see you guys :) and of maybe go on a double date hopefully.

  2. "...both sad and excited when I see a copier?"
    hahaha! Love it.

    Did you know that Los Hermanos moved locations? It's up Center St. just a tiny bit.

    Also, if you need someone to watch Autumn while you're off having crazy fun adventures, but still want her in town, she could come over and play with Rachel. :)

  3. After flying 40+ flights with Brycen, I actually agree with your mom on the whole "at least you guys will be together" thing. Realistically, you never know what will happen so I LOVE it when Bryce comes along. It's also a plus to have the husband there to carry the luggage and sit with the luggage while in the airport. Taking a stroller and luggage in for every diaper change is a pain, as well as going through security by yourself.

    Let me know if you have any questions! We have done our fair share of flying :)