Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

For weeks now I have been making mental notes to myself: "Remember to write about that cute thing she does in her next Dear Autumn letter..." Unfortunately for me, my memory is pretty much shot since having you and you do so many cute and adorable things these days I can't keep track. So, just know that you're super cute and what I remember in these letters is only a fraction of your awesomeness.

I've always been worried that I'm not teaching you enough or that you don't have as many words as other kids your age (or gulp, younger) but you are finding words in your own way everyday. You love to say:
  • Here you go!
  • No and Yeah
  • Light
  • Dora, Blue and Ernie (your favorite shows)
  • Ball
  • Hi, Bye-Bye
  • Please, More, Thank you
  • Grandpa
  • Oh no!
  • Whoa
  • No way!
  • Yum, Yum, Yum
I love listening to your talk. When we say "Wiggle, wiggle" you dance - we're not sure where this came from, but we love that you've picked it up. It is so cute to see your little hips shake and your arms move up and down in a rhythm all your own. You just love to dance, clap and sing a long, especially to Dora's theme song. When you get excited you scream and giggle, altogether.

If there is anything that best stresses the saying, "Like mother, like daughter" it would be your sleeping habits. Even with a 7:30 bedtime you can sleep in past 10! You still give me a break with a nap in the day and I couldn't be more grateful. You rock my world.

As you get closer and closer to age 2, you are definitely exercising your "independence". That's a nice way of saying you're dipping your feet into the terrible twos and liking it. You have to do everything by yourself, including feeding yourself. Whether you like the food or not, if I try to feed it to you or help you raise hell. That's right - hell. You get frustrated easily and squeal to release all that pent up toddler anguish.

You're still a lightweight, weighing in at just 22 pounds. I love my "skinny mini". Your hair is getting so long! It's thick, got the cutest curls in the back and getting more and more blond with every day we spend at the pool in the sun. You love the pool, the outdoors and unfortunately as a result are always covered in mosquito bites. They must just be attracted to your sweetness!

You're still doing your "Stevie Wonder Thing" where you scrunch up your face, close your eyes and wiggle your head back and forth. You do it when you're really happy and silly and it makes us laugh and aww over you in well, awe. =)

Although you're mischieveous, curious and gaining more likes and dislikes, I can't imagine spending my days with anyone but you. I love watching you follow the things I do and try to immitate them - from putting on my makeup (and sometimes doing mine for me), to helping load the dryer, dust the room, scrub the toilet, clean the mirrors to throwing away your own trash. I love every minute I get to spend with you and there isn't anyone else I'd rather hangout with. You're my best shopping buddy, the best kisser, and you have the most infectious laugh.

The high pitched screams I could do without.


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  1. 22 pounds! Crazy....Brycen passed that at about 4 months old. Haha.