Thanksgiving and Autumn Pic Spam!

I'm in the middle of work, but I feel like if I don't sit down and write this entry I'll never get around to it.

I had a great Thanksgiving. It was very low-key. Not quite as quiet or lazy as when it was just the two of us, but I imagine those days are long gone! We spent the holiday at my parents since my oldest brother from Charlotte came up and my brother from Maryland drove down. I spent 90% of my days at my parents with Autumn while Adam enjoyed his vacation or worked. He was a great help when I wanted to spend some extra time with my family - he'd take Autumn home and put her to bed so I could relax and stay late. I will say Adam has been really amazing the past couple of weeks since my workload has increased, but that's getting side tracked... =)

I got everything I wanted out of Black Friday! I slept in, went to Target around 10 with Autumn on my way to my parents and got everything I'd wanted. Really nice down alternative pillows for our bed, 700-thread count sheets for $30, a gift for Adam for Christmas (I can't remember how often he reads the blog, if at all, so the gift will remain a mystery) and a few other things I'd seen in the ad. Everything was waiting for me (well, almost, thanks to Karen my sheets arrived the next day when more were stocked for King).

While my family was here we spent Saturday up at "the mill" and I took some updated family pictures for my sister and her three boysas well as individual pictures for my sister in law Karen and her kids. It was a good time. I've been terrible about taking "pro" pictures of Autumn - you'd think it'd be the opposite with her mom being a professional photographer. Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures of her I was able to get:

Christmas is in full swing here. I used to feel that my house was jam packed with Christmas decorations but going from an apartment to a townhouse makes quite a difference. Can I also exclaim my huge dismay that the day after Christmas falls on a Sunday?! It's ONLY my favorite shopping day of the year and I can't go! =( In the LDS faith we don't believe in shopping or spending money on the sabbath. It's usually reserved for time with family, church services, etc. I don't go shopping, don't eat out, don't go to the store... It's pretty much church and then a great excuse to be incredibly lazy. I don't believe in very many exceptions and shopping the after Christmas sales certainly isn't one of them. Oh well - maybe they'll still have some things I'd like on Monday as a blessing for observing the Sabbath despite my love for the sales. =) A girl can hope!

Autumn had an ear infection the entire Thanksgiving break, but honestly most people would never know it. Her "fussy" is better than most kids good days. I stayed home from church Sunday to take her to urgent care where she did in fact have one and we went to Target to fill her prescription. It was so WEIRD being out on a Sunday given the LDS faith I just mentioned above. I felt very awkward as I shopped to kill the 25 minutes it took to get her prescription filled. And then I was crazy annoyed because I could have SWORN I bought cookies, went to the bag to get them out and NO cookies. It wasn't on my receipt but I could have sworn I bought them... Maybe I was a good girl and put them back, but it was major disappointment on my end. I've stewed about it for days.

Anywho, I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and an even better Holiday Season!


  1. So cute, as usual. Those pics turned out great!

  2. Christmas is on Saturday... so enjoy your shopping!

  3. haha, read that wrong. my bad. :)