Moving Day!!

My labeling skills are awesome, yes?

We moved all of our things from storage to our house yesterday. It went fast - three hours from the time we left to go get the truck to when we dropped it back off. It ended up just being myself, Adam and my good friend Josh but we got it done - so fast that all of our other scheduled help was not needed! *Flex*

There is still much to be done in our first home. It is a little overwhelming. There are so many little things that need to be done that makes rooms not ready to be unpacked yet. The kitchen is a mess. Somehow I must figure out how to rid myself of the ants that appear every so often, degrease my kitchen cabinets, finish the rest of my countertops, clean the inside of my cabinets so I can start unpacking, and put up my new light fixtures! Well, watch my Dad put them up anyway...

This is a familiar sight in hallways, on stairs, etc. Laundry always gets done (admittedly not by me) but it has nowhere to go. The piles just migrate until we have eliminated the pile by using the items in them.

WARNING: BOTH HAZARDOUS AND EMBARRASSING. This room is my biggest headache - Autumn's "nursery". The room was already cramped before she even entered into it. Afterall, we hadn't expected to have her while still living with my parents. I made due with the space but as you can see a bomb went off in this room over the last few weeks.

The biggest drawback is that I have tubs of clothes and outfits given to me by friends but nowhere to organize them (the dresser and closet were already full before we moved in). I hate coming across a super cute outfit she's never worn - only to find out she has already outgrown it. Getting her room organized in the new house is priority #1!


We have shoved everything into every crevasse we can find.
The picture to the right at one point was my parents Living Room. It soon turned into our storage - a years with of purchases that have nowhere to go. Everything from a dinning room table, changing table, ottoman, bathroom linens, kitchen decor, books, etc.

Unpacking and clearing up this mess will cause remodeling to take a backseat for a little while... but just think of all the DECORATING I have to look forward to though! Stay tuned!

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  1. So it'll all be organized by Friday when we come up, right? (hee hee) I bet it'll kinda be like Christmas as you go thru everything that's been in storage. And count your blessings that Autumn is still mostly immobile! =)