Living room - complete!

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Aren't my neutral walls so inspired and daring? =) Hey - anything is better than the lemon autographed walls by the previous owners children. I love the color - it's not too dark, not too light. It is the Walmart mixed version of Duron Balanced Beige in Semi-Gloss (I would have preferred Satin, but they were all out) along with Walmart's Latex Wall and Trim Paint in White

This has been such a long process but as you can see the above images are proof that it was worth it. The process took me about 3-4 weeks - taping, priming, cutting in, 2 coats, taping trim, 2 coats of white, the doors, and lastly, beautiful new carpet. It really looks like a new home! I did every bit of it myself, which was probably not the smartest. I have never had so many nose bleeds in my life despite how many windows I opened. I should say I had plenty offers from friends and family to help, but believe me - you wouldn't want to work for me. Ask my husband - I am a picky painter! =)
The new carpet has made such a huge difference! I selected a frieze carpet in a called Cashew (Camelback style) from Luna Carpets. It is my best defense against a future toddler! I love the way it came out! Luna was in and out within 3 hours and they carpeted about 1000 sq.ft. I HIGHLY recommend using them. I really feel like we got a great deal and great quality carpet.

While Luna was installing the carpets my Dad kept me company (and safe) - he installed new light fixtures for me. I had originally planned to spray and refinish the existing fixtures (which if anyone is an avid collector of obnoxiously ugly lights, I have 3 beauties to add to your collection!) but these were so inexpensive. Coming in packs of two from Home Depot, I bought a pair of small lights ($15) and a pair of medium/large ($20). Again, they make such a difference and modernize the space.

That's all for now. We plan on moving our things out of storage this weekend and into our townhouse, so there is still a lot to be done in the kitchen. Unfortunately it is looking like new appliances will have to wait, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! Looks great, Kel! I think the taupe makes the whole space look bigger, too. Jealous of the new carpet! =)

  2. I'm jealous of the whole thing. The idea of having a whole new house to plan, decorate and redo--can you tell I REALLY want to move? :) Love all the updates.

  3. I totally bought the same lights to put in my house! Great choice!

  4. your house is totally looking awesome! autumn's room is adorable!