Strollers. Big ones.

I was arrogant. Like, really arrogant.

Not to say I won't be ever again, but I was arrogant when it came to parenting. I judged the moms with the huge strollers in the narrow isles of clothing stores. I wondered how parents managed to completely ignore their annoying kids making the beeping noises at complete strangers. I thought it was absolutely pathetic how moms "couldn't be away from their babies" and totally neglected the Dads after the babies arrived.

You really just don't know until you have a child of your own. Seriously. I thought I knew it all - I can't tell you how many times I said "When I have a kid, I'll never..." On the flip side, I'm on the verge of being too arrogant for the other team. Like somehow having a baby has given me a badge of honor. My stretch marks are battle wounds! Everything seems so frivolous in comparison to the challenges of being a mom and raising a baby. My stroller's in your way? I GAVE BIRTH, WALK AROUND ME.

Don't get me wrong - I bought the smallest stroller I could find.

If anything, I think I benefit from my former arrogance. I'm aware. I'm aware that when you spend literally 24/7 with a baby you can miss them after being away for just an hour, but "me" time is important. I'm aware that the big strollers are annoying - but babies have a lot of stuff and I'll avoid narrow crevices near the fleece sweaters.

So, in the future when I get the sighs, the stares and dirty looks I can say "I've been there..." and shrug it off.

Afterall, I didn't know any better either.


  1. I met your former self in the store the other day. Cannon and I made a trip to our local organic market and took our time tasting all the samples and I stopped dead in the aisle to let him have a sip of cider and the lady behind me was like 'UGGGGGGGGGGGH SIIIGH' and almost tipped her buggy trying to barrel around me.

    But yeah I know what you mean. For me I think motherhood has really made me slow down and just enjoy the moment. A trip to the produce isle can be a learning experience, letting cannon feel, touch and smell all the fruit. If that pisses some 18 year old off then whatever. They will 'get' it one day. Until then they can just go around me!

  2. It definitely changes your perspective a little, doesn't it? And hopefully your former arrogance didn't include "When I have a kid, he/she will never throw a tantrum in public..." Because that's another one that will come back to get you, too. =)

  3. I had a woman tell me the I shouldn't bring my stoller on the Metro because it took up too much space. "You take up too much space, lady!!!" I'm still not over her 'tude.

  4. Jenny - your comment made both my mom and I laugh out loud, literally.

    Karen - I am dreading the day my kid is the one screaming over a toy I refuse to buy. It'll happen someday - I'll just have to grin and bear it. Then withhold chocolate FOREVER.

    Nikki - Ah yes, the big, exaggerated sigh.

  5. Your post was hilarious. I seriously laughed out loud that Andy stopped watching the football game to ask me what was so funny. I think we have all been there...

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