Autumn's Baby Blessing

With everyone here for Thanksgiving, Adam and I decided it would be the perfect time to bless Autumn. In the LDS faith we bless our babies (a prayer typically given by the father) during the first few weeks/months of birth. The day was perfect! The morning of her blessing Autumn was all smiles. It's almost as if she knew what a special day it was for her. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her blessing dress.

It was a full sacrament meeting - my family took up 4 pews! There were 36 of us total I think. It was such a proud moment watching Adam, my Dad and my brothers stand up and walk to the front of the chapel to gather in the circle and bless her. I'm sure some of it was leftover pregnancy hormones, but I had to catch myself from getting too emotional.

Adam was so nervous. In fact, I'd never seen him so nervous. My brothers had done their best to help him prepare. He and I even jotted down some thoughts the night before that he studied up until the very last second. Of course, when he got up there to do the blessing his mind went completely blank. The blessing was short and sweet, but sweet indeed. I was a very proud wife and momma! Watching Adam hold Autumn up for the congregation to see had me beaming from ear to ear. She was so good during the blessing as well - not a peep, not a single movement. Atta girl!

The members of the circle were: Adam, Adam's Stepfather John, My Dad, my eldest brother Jason, brother Jared, brother Joel, friend Jeff Hunt, Brother Nix, Bishop Brimhall, Brother Bastian and Brother Allphin. Glad I'm jotting this down now, because I'm already worried I've forgotten someone.

After sacrament my friend Linda handed me a piece of paper - she and her family had jotted down Adam's blessing! Such a neat memento. I will be so glad to have it for her scrapbook.


  1. This is the post I've been waiting for! I have been so excited to see the pictures of Autumn in her blessing dress, and you did not disappoint. She is beautiful!

  2. Could she get any cuter??? Sigh...she looked beautiful...all the way down to her little blessing bracelets. =)

  3. Long ago when I was going through all of my baby stuff, I found a copy of my blessing that a sister in the ward had done for me. It was so neat to see it, and it is something that I treasure. I was happy to do that for you!

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