This just in! Not really.

No baby yet. I'm workin' on it!

Everything is officially ready to go - we have the stylin' diaper bag (care 'o my sister in law Karen) packed with all my necessities (wouldn't you know it's NOT like a hotel where you can request everything?), blankets, pacifiers, her "coming home" outfit, etc. Then we've got my sister's video camera on loan (ours is in storage - we didn't anticipate being without a house this long!) and the digital camera charged.

Today my sister Jodi helped me put the car seat and base in our car so that would be one less thing we'd have to do and carry to the car should we be needing to make a quick exit. I am so glad we took care of this before trying to leave the hospital because it was tricky business. Not only is it a tight squeeze in our little Saturn Ion, but the seat belts just weren't hacking it. We ended up using the "latch belt" instead and Jodi was able to use her muscles and know-how to really tighten up that bad boy.

Also, some people have asked why I have two "blogs" - well, I feel I technically have one blog and one journal. The blog is for the world to see. It's a watered down retelling of what's going on in our lives and very rarely do I get very personal.

My journal however, I have had since 2004. It's locked and only accessible to those I invite - which do not consist of very many people I know in real life. It's where I have my moments of irrationality, get personal, share the dumb details of daily tasks, etc. In fact, after printing and binding a hard copy of my personal journal I had over 800 pages - the good, the bad and the ugly! There are times when I go back and read some entries and I just cringe - happy to have the memory and see how I've grown but also very happy to have those moments private for myself and those involved.

So, there you have it. The juicy goods are elsewhere, but I'm happy to be able to share the highlights with everyone. :)

I forgot to mention Adam's 28th birthday which we celebrated the week of the 30th! He took the Monday off and we went to the movies, out to dinner and bought him some well needed shoes for work. On his actual birthday he came home to his birthday surprise - a Logitech G19 computer keyboard (a WoW player's dream keyboard). He was shocked! It's a rather pricey gift, but he was worth every penny. He goes to work everyday and sits in traffic so that I can be at home and raise our baby. If you know my husband, you know how laid back and mellow he is and it was so fun to see his so excited about his gift. We had Papa John's (his favorite) and cake and ice cream.


  1. You do know that because you are so prepared and ready to go, Autumn will be late, right?? =)

    And obviously, I'm not very computer savvy, but I'm looking at my keyboard and looking at Adam's keyboard...and even I get why he'd be excited. =)

  2. It is pretty intense. He can change the backlight color for the keys to anything he wants and the little screen up top can actually play movies and stuff. He was literally like a little kid on Christmas. He had a $100 limit so he was NOT expecting this, so it was so fun to see his reaction :)

  3. Kel, I'm not going to lie, I just about cried when I read this entry. It reminds me of when I was getting ready to have Paige. Everything goes by so fast, so enjoy it as much as you can(not that pushing out a baby is that much fun). It's such an emotional experience and I can't wait to see and hear about your own miracle.