12 Weeks vs. 41 Weeks

This was spur of the moment, but I realized today I was wearing the same sweater I wore in my first belly picture. Quite a change from 12 weeks to almost 41! Looking at this picture just makes me very anxious to get back into shape and back into my pre-pregnancy sizes. I also cannot wait to get to the hair stylist and be pampered. I could cut and color it myself, but I'm not sure where the "pampering" clause would fit into place with that scenario.

So, still no baby to show for 40+ weeks, but I hopefully won't be able to say that after Wednesday. I'm all scheduled for an induction unless she finally comes on her own. I am so anxious to move on to the next phase of this process!


  1. Good luck getting her here! That's the most agonizing thing, huh? Great pictures, too. I've never been very good about belly pictures when I'm pregnant.

  2. What a difference a few months makes, huh? You still look great, though!! Can't wait to hear about Autumn's arrival coming soon!