House/Baby Update

We're seeing some more movement on our townhouse. Today we had our home inspection - in this market asking for a seller to fix anything isn't very practical, but I wanted to be aware of any issues with the house. I'm happy to report - there aren't any! Just a few minor soil/foundation issues as far as water irrigation. Nothing deal breaking. The inspection was incredibly thorough - considering home maintenance is another Brewer Family task I take on, I was glad to get the scoop on how everything runs especially since my experience with gas is limited. Luckily it doesn't look like our house is set to explode anytime soon.

While we were doing the home inspection today the appraiser also made his appearance. My Realtor gave him area comps for the amount we're needing and the appraiser willingly took them. We're keeping our fingers crossed - we should know tomorrow if the appraisal is high enough for the sellers to let the house go.

I loved the house even more the 2nd time I saw it - granted my sister has the exact same model, but this one is all mine! If you remember I had made a comment that the only cosmetic damage was a spot in the living room but that I'd planned to put in laminate - to my surprise today they had completely replaced the living room carpet! I'll probably just end up doing the laminate in the kitchen now - new *free* carpet and a smaller square footage to buy laminate for makes this preggo lady a happy camper.

Speaking of pregnancy, I'm in my last week and not looking as if I'll be popping out the little one any earlier than my due date. No progress as far as dilation. I have my next appointment the day before my due date, so I'll see if I can't sweet talk the doc into moving things along. Everything is ready for her to come - now we just need her to move on to the next phase of our family!

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  1. Glad to hear the house won't be exploding any time soon. That's always a bonus. =) We'll be waiting to hear on that appraisal!!

    I'm surprised they replaced the carpet like that, especially since you obviously want the house, and the carpet wasn't a negotating factor anyway. But hey - free carpet is free carpet!! That's great! And now Autumn can put her own stains on it. =)