And now we wait...

Our townhouse is officially listed as under contract! We were able to negotiate with the sellers and they've agreed to pay half our closing costs. We're now eagerly awaiting the appraisal to see if it appraises for our offer. The seller's agent has CMV's to support the offer price and will meet with the appraiser at the property with her comps to hopefully bump up the appraisal. We're trying to get the appraisal taken care of this week.

If all goes well, we'll be closing on October 10th! We'll take the rest of the month to paint the main floor and nursery, put in new flooring on the first floor and give me time to remodel my kitchen. My husband brings home the big bucks and I do all the footwork at home! :)

We're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes well and the house that's technically ours remains that way!


  1. What a roller coaster!! Here's hoping that appraisal comes back with the right amount!!

  2. Keeping our fingers crossed! Hope all goes through!